Astronaut explores the cave with crashing drone

Astronaut explores the cave with crashing drone

Photo: ESA/Natalino Russo

The European space agency, ESA has a drone used intentionally against the walls of caves collides, so as to underground spaces.

Astronaut Luca Parmitano has the drone last weekend in a cave under Sicily used to have a map to generate, reports the ESA.

With the Flyability drone, which is equipped with a camera, was an area mapped by the presence of water not by people can be visited.

According to the ESA is exploring caves a useful exercise for astronauts because they are in the space as well to do with a lack of sunlight, small spaces, and because they were also completely on their equipment need to trust.

The agency believes, moreover, that the techniques used in the future could be used to include ‘lava tubes’ on Mars to explore. That are caves that are formed by channels of lava.


Flyability drone can be used against walls collide

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