Astrid Holleeder dives under by hit list brother

Astrid Holleeder dives under by hit list brother

Astrid Holleeder had to move and roam around since they are on the hit list of her brother Willem Holleeder.

This she says to Dragonfly. The full interview appears Friday.

Astrid Holleeder has considered to be her brother Willem Holleeder to shoot. So now it is tight and she is on his hit list. This had Holleeder move. “I went underground,” says the writer of Jude, which Holleeder tells about how her brother and his family for thirty years terrorized, afperste and endangered. They tells more about the Heineken-kidnapping and the impact it has on all family members.

“From that underground lair, I try to make the best, with a plant here and a chair there. But my life has of course changed a lot. I wander from house to house so that I difficult to trace. At various places in the city I have a car, so no one knows where I will dive.”


She also explained that she is working no longer does. “I stopped working as a criminal lawyer, what I 20 years with great pleasure have done. Also I stopped to play basketball, what I have from childhood did. I suddenly suffer from all sorts of ailments, intestinal inflammations and so, because I do not move. I can’t just have an evening in a restaurant to eat.”

“My grandchildren, I can’t from school,” she continues. “I can do that other mothers yet not do? In their place I would also say: you go a bit further away.”

Also she refers to the attacks on Cor van Hout, one of the kidnappers of Freddy Heineken and his driver Ab Doderer on november 9, 1983. “Of course I have, since 1996, the 1st, the 2nd, the 3rd attack on Cor experienced,” says Holleeder about it. “With the car, with the bike, with the engine. I know how it works. You are so gone.”


“With Wim, I talks about the moment when you’re the shooter to see. That very last moment; he had it always on. For him that was the ultimate moment of power. Because, he said, than they think of the míj. I asked: “But why would they go to you think, that last time? I would think that your children think.’ No, he said, if they him to come, thinking them all: I wish I had not done. Said he: I had but not the quantity of the betrayed. I Had but not with the police talking.”

I think that I will think: I am glad that I did. And one thing I know for sure: I want the last moment not to hém think.”

Earlier this year, it was announced that justice Willem Holleeder suspects that he his sisters, that incriminating statements about him, have made about homicides in the criminal milieu, wanted to liquidate.

The entire interview will appear Friday in the women’s magazine Libelle.

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