‘Astmamedicijnen reduce chance of Parkinson’s’

‘Astmamedicijnen reduce chance of Parkinson’s’

Astmamedicijnen according to researchers the chance of developing Parkinson’s can be cut in half.

That write researchers from the Norwegian University of Bergen in Science. Parkinson’s disease is a chronic disease, the cause of which is unclear. The disease affects brain cells that movements of the body coordinate. Trembling, poor coordination, and stiffness in the limbs are well-known symptoms of the disease.

Researchers from the University of Bergen analysed together with scientists of the Harvard university 100 million prescriptions can of 4 million Norwegians in 2004 were prescribed. According to the scientists would both medications for asthma and high blood pressure the risk of the disease positive or negative affect.

Where astmamedicijnen the risk of Parkinson’s would do to halve, would the risk from the use of a particular type of medication against a high blood pressure, according to the scientists understand to be expanded.


The research of the University of Bergen follows on earlier research of the university of Harvard. They did earlier research on the effect of these medications on animals. Also analysed in the laboratory is the functioning of brain cells.

“From the database show the same results as from the laboratorisch research of Harvard”, says researcher Trond Riise. “Our research could possibly be a breakthrough in the treatment of this debilitating disease. We hope that further research into the disease is going to take place.”

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