Assange wants political asylum in France after the withdrawal verkrachtingszaak

Assange wants political asylum in France after the withdrawal verkrachtingszaak

Julian Assange looks at the possibilities for political asylum in France. Friday it became known that the Swedish prosecutor’s arrest warrant against the founder of klokkenluiderssite WikiLeaks has been revoked.

Assange would, according to the allegations in 2010 two women have been raped. He himself has always denied. Reason for the discontinuation of the criminal investigation is that “all possibilities in order to facilitate the examination have been exhausted,” said the prosecutor.

The federal court can be opened again when Assange for the statute of limitations in August 2020 returns in Sweden.

Assange feared that Sweden is the federal court as an excuse used to get him to deliver to the United States. The US wants to prosecute him for leaking of hundreds of secret documents through WikiLeaks. Previous month showed the department of Justice still know that it was charges for an arrest warrant for Assange.

The 45-year-old Australian is staying since June 2012 in London. He prevented extradition by britain to Sweden by the embassy of Ecuador to flights. He quickly got political asylum.


The lawyer of Assange, Juan Branco, says that Assange after the news of Friday considering to go to France. Branco gave no further information about plans how Assange would be able to come without in London will be arrested.

The police in the English city offers Friday to let you know that Assange despite the withdrawal of the arrest warrant will still be arrested if he the embassy leave. The reason for this is that he is in 2012 on bail, not to the court has been reported.

On Twitter has Assange responded to the developments with a photo of themselves. Are verdedigingsadvocaat Per Samuelson called the decision of the Swedish prosecutor a “total win for us.” Assange left later in the day, know “not to be forgotten or forgiven,” that he is seven years without charge was stuck.


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