As yet, no marriage, Sophie Hilbrand and Waldemar Torenstra

Waldemar Torenstra en Sophie Hilbrand was for two years engaged. It does seem like a marriage coming to be.

“With a wedding to organise, it is primarily a hassle,” said Hilbrand. In december of last year, she was on the radio in between the nose and the lips, and announced that it might not suit you, it is due to Torenstra. That proposal proved to be, at the time, for a year or so ago, and we are now almost two years later.

To be on the show on the night of Friday, it was suppose to be the test as to why there is no huwelijksklokken have occurred. Is not in the list, busy schedule, or not being able to find a location for the evil-doers, the couple will have a wedding to organise-especially a lot of hassle.

We ever, are we going to now have to go to get married? It would be nice to have a big party,” says Torenstra. But, Hilbrand is too small. “I think it’s amazing that people have that the fixed gain in addition to all that, they still need to do other things in life.”

Where a is the set of be straightforward with each other all over again, is that the statement, ” do you Want me to get married? “Yes,’ it is enough. “If you’re a little bit married,” said Hilbrand.

“Marry, it is still a bit of a ‘final destination’

“By saying that you are engaged to be married, I’ll give you that, but there’s one person that I would like to get married, and I’m hoping that this is just my life. I have a feeling that getting married is a bit of an end, and that’s what I like, not so much, I like to keep things happy on the move”, said a smiling Torenstra.

Hilbrand adds that she is especially for her parents and would really like: “they are welcome, of course, the children!”

“We will continue to be, the love is just very celebrated, and the wedding, we have years and years to come, the time for that,” shut Torenstra off.

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