As well as Lust, is writing a book about the politiecarrière: ‘it May be time now to quit’

For more than a year after her departure from the police as well As Delight in a book, in which she recalls memories of this period of time. In my many years in law enforcement, especially, is an important personal document, for Pleasure, to which her former career, will be released.

That is, the book would have come out had the Delight of never expected it, ” she recounts in a conversation with “I was at the very beginning of my career and will never be able to think of that, I have more than one program on television, would be present as well as a book, not at all.”

Lust explains that she’s been in a couple of years ago, the question was whether she was going to write about her politiejaren. “That’s what it was I was in the first instance, it is not, it is because I have found that there are a lot of people have a book that came out.”

She turned from the view, when she is in 2018, after three years, went to the police station. “A lot of people have said to me, ‘Al, all you have to do that for years, so many stories and so many incidents experienced in life, how good would it be to have this in writing?'”

So, the book came out, there was a journalist Julien Althuisius who, in the words of the Delight on the paper before. “He’s had an article about me in which he and others have interviewed me. This was so lovingly written, and I said to him with a nod and a wink: “If ever there was a book, I want you to write it.’ So, when the plan started to take shape, I have Money called. We have had hours and hours and hours at the kitchen table and sat down.”

This conversation was Althuisius to get to the sections of this document. “I’ve got everything up to the comma, which was edited, in order to really challenge myself to make it. Because it has helped me a lot with the texture, if I had to do it, I was only ten years ago I have been to. During the process of writing, we are warmed, because you are so close to each other.”

Had to dig to get the stories up to get

The book intends to Delight the reader on a journey of her career. “I have a number of years in the relief, sat down, where I jumped from incident to incident, but I am also a policeman, then what is a different kind of police force is. I motordienst at the time, I’m very active, has been pink, pink, Pink, Blue – (politienetwerk that comes to mind for lhbti s, eds.), and the spokesperson, of course.”

Lust would have to say that really counts at all of its stories from the police department to pick up. “Especially in the early years. It’s been 31 years since I was in the police academy started. If diender write to you, if you don’t want on-the-spot is, but the books go on, and one is full, the shredder. So, I’m going to have a few drinks and dinner with ex-colleagues, with whom I have the most worked on and what they are to me, and in the instances when we have been remembering. Well, there was the necessary result. So, it is a very important and personal to me now.”

One of her most memorable moments and experienced the pleasure on her 24th at the Mercatorplein in Amsterdam, the netherlands. “The main restaurant of the city, and for a second Casino. I was standing with my two feet in the middle of the shit. In a typical law enforcement agency has its own space and routine. But for now, we have a site container as a temporary police station, and everyone had to be a little bit too. That made up for the years to be one of the most beautiful periods of my politiecarrière.”

The presenter of, among others, as well As on Patrol says, as many have experienced, is that many of its tales and stories, this book does not have to be met. A sequel is expected, they are not, but they are not. “I do wonder if that is an added value. This book is, in any case, a very, very personal to me, for I am very proud of myself. I will conclude my time with the police with them.”

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