As well as Feast, and Fiction by the Westelaken: ‘Pride, it would not be appropriate, it should be’

As well as Feast, and Fiction by the Westelaken play a major role during the Pride week in Amsterdam, and they have to be present at the time of issue of the Pride Awards, and the report of the Grand Parade. But the rest of the year you would have heard about gay-related topics, you will find the presentatieduo.

“The main focus is on the and then there is a focus on the Grand Parade. But this is the final match, the Pride is much more to it than that,” says Lust is in talks with

It can interfere with a former police officer, is that a picture of a naked, light-hearted, and extravagant people, who are everyone’s doing it”. “Of course, that is not the case, however, the ordinary people, is not new. The media should help to show that it is also “ordinary” people who have relationships, parents, work, and vacation.”

“I don’t get that in the newspapers and other media, select an image with the most outspoken of the boats, the largest of the springs, and the blootste bottom”, fill in the Westelaken on. “The media will let them, of course, the most brilliant images, but it is not the most representative. So this week we have more people on stage, so this is the image to normalize. It shows that everyone is allowed to have, in any shape or form.”

Sexual orientation would not be a theme, again, is the one Who is the Mole host. “The goal is to have the Pride to be able to cancel because it is no longer needed, but that won’t happen again.”

“Never been my intention to present a eulogy to his

The duo were released on Thursday, also attended the Pride Awards, and the price for both a known and an unknown, ‘lhbti-hero (lesbian women, gay men, bisexuals, transgender people, and intersekse people-ed.). Among others in Romana, a Peace, a Series of van der linde and Erwin are to be nominated.

Lust: “you heldenrol, it is impossible for anyone who has the courage to be in front and who is himself willing to have the opportunity to discuss this sensitive topic.” However, according to the presenter, these representatives are also elected by the public. “Of course, you can do it all, but if you’re not connected to the outside world, don’t you become a leader.”

A former police officer, is now himself a leader now. “This is, for me, is never an end in itself, has been. I have always been Al-of the police’ and in that role I have used it for the Pink in Blue network of the national police, which is concerned with the control of the antihomoseksueel of violence, ed.). At a given point in time will be recognised by the outside world. I’ve never seen a poster like it to be, but it is more honorable to be so, even now that I am no longer with the police department’s work, to be able to do it for someone else.”

According to Van de Westelaken, a role model, someone who is comfortable with herself.” “Speaking out on human rights issues. You don’t necessarily have to be on the left side, but they do encourage others to think about and to talk about the subject.

The presenter was in his teens, no one who is in this role. “But when I came out of the closet and in college, I had to Paul de Leeuw’s show. Don’t really have a role model, but someone that homosexuality is openly discussed and made, there are jokes about it, and made it as common as it was.”

The Duo is looking forward to the Grand Parade

The presentatieduo looking forward to it for the second time, the report of the Grand Parade. “Rick is a great man and a dear friend. We have already often met with, and we can learn each other really well,” says Salmon.

“Ellie is a very unique person,” adds the Westelaken on. “As a result, she is new to the scene, but she brings a lot of knowledge and experience. We are in a totally different way, but that is precisely why, in each other’s interest.”

Do they feel it is a pity that they did not themselves participate in the botenoptocht? “I’ve had it for years and years with their friends celebrate it, it’s one of the best festivals of the year,” says the presenter. “It is an honor that I can present it. There will no doubt once again come a time when I can get back on the boat or on the wharf, to be found at all.

Delight do ten years from the politieboot, and think it’s fun to see the parade from the other side. “It may be that I will be in the future for another boat to go with it, but for now, I am proud to be on the side. It was a fun party, but it’s also good that the film of a deeper look. We are to live in freedom, and that is a gift, that is something to be proud of and that we’re in control.”

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