As the Miller probe heats up, the media charge pushing?

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Kurtz: What are the high crimes and misdemeanours Are trump?

‘MediaBuzz’ host Howard Kurtz weighs in on the increase in media stories trump the prosecution, in spite of all the evidence, he could, or should, be accused of asking for.

Robert Müller has no evidence of Donald Trump tie on Russian agreement, the, media, not-so-subtly pushing the idea of impeachment?

It is a hot topic seems to be safe, although it remains unclear what would be the reason, the fact that the Democrats think he’s doing a lousy job.

Slate moved even some of the draft indictment. Oh, wait—that was published last may.

To dedicate the New York Times Book Review, just happened to be his cover to a review of the two books on the subject.

The New Yorker just did a profile of “The New York Congressman, Which Could Lead to an impeachment charge Against President Trump.” Jerry Nadler is quoted as saying: “this President is the greatest threat to constitutional freedom and the functioning of our government in living memory.” (Maybe he didn’t remember Richard Nixon is remembered.)

Nate Silver’s happened 538 site just, was, you, as “The by-elections Could Trump To A path in the direction of the prosecution.”

And according to a Democrat in a special house won the elections in Pennsylvania, said in a strongly pro-Trump district, a banner on Chris Matthews’ “Hardball”,: “indictment threat Grows, As Democrats, house Take a seat.” Quickly, isn’t it?

This is what makes the I-word is a hot topic, the growing media consensus that Democrats have a very good Chance of winning the house this fall. And the idea of the opposition party is in control of the committees and investigative machinery to boot according to this theory, only a short distance from the trump tried to run from the office.

Now, the post-2018, the calculation could change, to criticize, if Trump only, Mueller fire but will not actually happen to him, portrays the press as a real possibility, but which the White house insists. Lindsey Graham said yesterday, as a burn would be an offense “likely to be” an impeachable, if it was not done without reason.

Even some Republicans talk, the view, to motivate, no doubt, to stop their voters, Nancy Pelosi and company. Wisconsin GOP Rep. Sean Duffy told the hill, “of course you are going to accuse Donald Trump. Do you think MSNBC or CNN would allow for a little less?”

(Steve Bannon, I revealed in my book warned Trump, the prosecution would happen in any case, if Pelosi’s party, won the house.)

The idea still feels so far-fetched to me, since it would announce to the public that the new democratic majority cares more about displacement of the President, as the press of a legislative agenda.

Any discussion of the charges and the previous examples, the Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton—begins with the realization that the “high crimes and misdemeanors” is what a majority of the house, it is. But the founders intended it as a rare constitutional remedy.

In his time review of two impeachment books, Andrew Sullivan, the conservative writer and former blogger who came to a positive image of Barack Obama and despised Trump, recognize how much.

Sullivan writes: “What about passive cooperation with a foreign power to undermine an American election and then, according to the clear evidence of such interference, to deal with the refusal to interfere with foreign powers, the intention of the next elections? If a President benefited unknowingly from a foreign enemy interference (‘no collusion!’), and he is only guilty of encounter is not enough to do, makes the ongoing attack on the American democratic process, he is in the clear. But if he is active, the neglect of the defence of this country, elections integrity, because he believes that the Kremlin helped him win the election in the past, and will help almost certainly, him and his party in the near future, then impeachment is a no-brainer. If he knew that the interference in the time and you are encouraged to ditto …

“The Problem here is that we disrupted so far, no proof for anything, but the willingness to conspire with a foreign power; and no clear evidence, of all the presidents of the personal participation of foreign actors.”

The British journalist concludes: “you can accuse a President, but you can’t, alas, the accusations of the people. You voted for the type of monarchy the American Republic was designed to stand in front of all things.”

That’s the bottom line, no matter how much Sullivan and others miss is the result of cheap. Trump won the Electoral College and undoubtedly won would have, without Moscow’s efforts. The term of the charge may be good for clicks and ratings, but for now the desire is to think of the anti-Trump quantity.

Howard Kurtz is a Fox News analyst and host of “MediaBuzz” (Sundays 11 p.m.). He is the author of “media madness: Donald Trump, the press, and The war for the truth.” You can follow him at @Howard Kurtz. Click here for more information on Howard Kurtz.

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