As of this writing, the British newspapers on Johnson: ‘Dude, don ‘t panic’

Boris Johnson was on Tuesday elected as the successor of the British prime minister, Theresa May. As of this writing, the British media on Wednesday as the new leader of the United Kingdom.

The front page of tomorrow’s Daily Telegraph: Prime Minister Johnson, to appoint Brexiteer Cabinet, as he spends his first 100 days in No 10 and focusing solely on leaving the EU on October 31 to’ #tomorrowspaperstoday

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The Telegraph opened the newspaper with a photo of Johnson with the headline’I’m the dude (I’m a guy). The last word is an acronym of the four promises, of which Johnson was to ‘deliver Brexit” (Brexit to do), “unite, the UK, the United Kingdom, to unite), “defeat Corbyn” ( leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn beat) and “energise Britain” (the United Kingdom, energy).

METRO: Don’t Panic #tomorrowspaperstoday

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Also, the free newspaper, the Metro, opens with the date and the headline ” Don’t panic (don’t panic). The paper points out, inter alia, on the face a number of challenges that have nothing to do with the Brexit. Thus, the conflict between Iran and the shortage in housing in the UK is called.

In today’s National and Nicola Sturgeon could speed up the indyref2 plans as He becomes the PM … and Kevin McKenna gives a sneak preview into Johnson’s first Cabinet meeting. In stores now!

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The Scottish newspaper The National, with particular attention to the statements made about Johnson, who, in the Scottish prime minister Nicola Sturgeon has done so far. Almost half the front page is from the text, ” This country does not need you in This country you don’t need it).

The Guardian front page, Thursday 24 January 2019 at the latest: “An ambition has been fulfilled. But what next for the Uk?

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The Guardian argues that Johnson’s ambition has been fulfilled, but that the UK now has to look forward to. The paper says that the politician is already liberal party members have approached it. Johnson should be in the coming months, the Conservative y, unite, highlighted The Guardian.

Tomorrow’s front page: It’s really not funny any more… #tomorrowspaperstoday

AvatarAuteurDailyMirrorMoment of plaatsen21:29 – July 23, 2019

The Mirror features a remarkable photograph of the new prime minister, with the headline, ” It’s really not funny any more It’s not funny anymore) on the front page is set to. In this article, the political career of Johnson, it is mentioned, it is referring to the lies he would have told you.

Tomorrow’s Sun

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The Sun may not be the one dude to make reference to the song Hey Jude by The Beatles. Also, this paper sets out the challenges for Johnson. There may be as many as twelve business featured in which the Brexit, but one of them.

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