As Müller results published, to see the 2020 Dems demand “whole damn report”

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Trump’s opponents to try to keep the focus on the Russia-investigation as the White house wants to move to; Peter Doocy reports from Washington.

The 2020 Democratic presidential-candidate, faced a setback after Special Counsel Robert Mueller investigation found no evidence of trump-Russia agreements, but clearly not done, that you give up the hunt for incriminating details against the President.

Sen Bernie Sanders of Vermont, campaigning in San Francisco on Sunday said the large crowd that, “I don’t want a summary of the report! I want the whole damn report, because no one, especially this President is above the law.”


And on Saturday, a day before Attorney-General William Barr published a short summary of Müller’s findings, former Texas Rep. Beto O’rourke calculated on the election campaign in South Carolina that they “have a President who, in my opinion, beyond the shadow of a doubt, was trying, however ham-handedly, the cooperation with the Russian government of a foreign power to undermine and influence our elections.”

He had no comment on the length on Sunday, but they say on a campaign stop in Las Vegas, Trump is “one of the most racist and rude President we’ve ever had.”

Müller is almost two years long investigation that the members of trump card in the 2016 presidential conspired campaign, or interfere in coordination with the Russian government, in the choice in favor of Trump and at the expense of the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Muller ‘ s long-awaited findings also did not take a clear position on whether Trump obstructed justice, not conclusions, that the President committed a crime, but also not exonerating the trump card. Barr and Deputy attorney Rod Rosenstein on Sunday, not closed, though, that Müller’s evidence s report sufficient to determine that Trump committed obstruction of justice.


America Rising, a pro-Republican opposition research group, took aim at O’rourke said on Sunday, according to Barr’s announcement that the candidate of the “brazen and false claims in the election campaign.”

Barr is expected that the public of the report, but in 2020, Democrats are demanding the full report be published.

“The Miller report must be made public, passed to the underlying investigative materials that the witness has to be at the Convention and Barr. This is what transparency looks like. A short letter from Trump’s hand-picked attorney General is not sufficient,” Sen. Kamala Harris of California, wrote on Twitter on Sunday.

Rourke demanded Barr, “let the full Mueller report to the American people and their representatives.”

Sen. Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts, pointed to a push recently unanimously by Democrats and Republicans in the House of Representatives, the publication of the report.

“The Congress is not asking for a ‘summary,’ Attorney General Barr. Members of the house voted 420-0 to the publication of the report. The American people deserve, see the full report. #Releasethe full report,” she wrote on Twitter.

Sen. Cory Booker from New Jersey wrote that “the American public deserves the full report and findings of the Mueller investigation immediately—not only the in-house-summary of trump administration officials.”

It was a similar call from Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, who tweeted that “AG-Barr-summary of 4-pg letter of Special Counsel Müller ‘ s highlights investigation, the ENTIRE report & documentation-including all of the information, the re-Russia’s attempts to influence our choice-must be made public. The public deserves now answered-our democracy depends on it.”

And to demand sen. Kirsten Gillibrand from New York also in mixed, that the “Müller report must be made public. Not only a letter from someone appointed by trump to protect yourself—everything. The President works for the people, and he is not above the law.”

South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg, experienced its campaign to increase in the last days, as for the entire report be published. And in an interview on MSNBC, he pointed to the 2020 presidential election as the best way to oust trump from the White house, said: “I think this is further proof that it would be a mistake to think, for the Democrats, that the way for the trump presidency to the end, by the way of the investigation.”

Former REP John Delaney from Maryland, called for the report made available to the public, but also to the fact that it was time to move. He told Fox News Sunday night, “no matter whether you are a Democrat, Republican or independent, you should want to see in this report, and we should want to move.”

Fox News’ Dan Gallo contributed to this report.

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