As Ajax runs in the second half against FC Emmen

In the Premier league are Saturday’s three races on the program. FC Groningen-FC Twente ended in a 1-3 Ajax-FC Emmen is at 19: 45 started, and the Willem II-Vitesse, followed at 20: 45. Follow the matches, in this liveblog.

  • Premier league
  • The second turn of the game
  • LIVE:
  • Ajax-FC Emmen (3-0)
  • Willem II-Vitesse (0-0)
  • Results:
  • Groningen-Twente 1-3

Ajax-FC Emmen · * * * a few hours agoin The champion’s League-leading scorer was again on his second of the season, and it is, therefore, once again, the (joint)top scorer.Ajax-FC Emmen · a 3-minute geleden75′ Again He can think of. The Argentine takes the ball and claim a free kick on the matter. It then reads the defender himself, in addition to from that free-kick. It remains to 3-0 for the Year.Willem II-Vitesse · 4 minutes ago –32′, The image is still the same in the Netherlands. Ensuring that the parent is a party, but the goals are still not there in some cases.Ajax-FC Emmen · 6-minute geleden72′ Captain Tadic will leave as a third-year in the field. Klaas-Jan Huntelaar is in the team.Ajax-FC Emmen · (9 minutes ago

Tadic matches There. 11 thuisduels. 11 goals in a match. A large class.

AvatarAuteurMark LeeneMoment of plaatsen21:10 – August 10, 2019Ajax-FC Emmen · 12 minutes ago –66′ GOAL, and Ajax. 3-0

Now, the game still would not play. First of all, the commitment of Ziyech is still checked, and then hit the ball through the Promes, Telgenkamp, and the pole has to go to Tadic. The Serb, just tap is simple for a third year.Ajax-FC Emmen · up to 14 minutes geleden64 First and screwing up the FC Emmen zoo is a large chance due to the bad play. In the end, which is Lisandro Martinez is almost spot-on, but the Former has met with Telgenkamp.Ajax-FC Emmen · 18 minutes ago –Ajax have everything under control in your own home. Last season, scored for the Locals, both at home and out five times against FC Emmen. If that is today or in the team, Drenthe was still stunt?Ajax-FC Emmen · 19 hours geleden59′ Switch number two is in the Ajax: Quincy Promes is for Neres. The Dutchman makes his Premier league debut for Ajax.Willem II-Vitesse·, 21 minutes geleden15 Still not have scored after a quarter of an hour to play at the venue. The visitors have been, so far, is the most dangerous been one.Ajax-FC Emmen · a 21-minute drive geleden56, ” There is a moment for the visitors, but in Ugrinic is aimed from the outside of the sixteen meters of the object of Andre Onana.Ajax-FC Emmen · 24-geleden54 ” In the Hag enters the first switch by: (Sergiño Dest, that is, his Premier league debut, made for a Mazraoui.Ajax-FC Emmen · a 25-minute geledenEen jubileumtreffer for Ziyech:

150’s Hakim Ziyech scored or assisted in 150 Premier league goals (74 goals, 76 assists), at least 20, more than any other player since his debut in the world cup. Wizard.

AvatarAuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen20:56 am – August 10, 2019Ajax-FC Emmen · 26 minutes geleden52 Of the river is once again free, and after a round of Ziyech from a distance of sixteen in this shot, but the Dutch are aiming for is just about it.Ajax-FC Emmen · 31 minutes ago –47′ GOAL, and Ajax. 2-0

Ajax-store soon after the break. Nicolás Tagliafico intercepted a ball in his own half and sprint the whole field. The Former holds, then in the list, and From the river comes up to the ball, with Ziyech. The lefty shooting a simple in.Ajax-FC Emmen · 33 minutes and geleden46′ in football, we’re back. Ajax is leading 1-0 against FC Emmen.Willem II-Vitesse · 37 minutes ago there is1 ” is to get The ball rolling in Tilburg, the netherlands! Willem II-Vitesse has been on the road.Willem II-Vitesse · 39 minutes geledenDe players are on the field at the venue. We are going to begin almost at the last League match of this Saturday night.Willem II-Vitesse · 43 minutes ago theline-ups: At 20: 45 we are going to have to play football in the Netherlands. Here are the line-ups:

William II: Wellenreuther; Lewis, Holmén, a and Peters, scope of our projects; Dankerlui, Saddiki, Llonch; Nunnely, Vrousai, Köhlert.

Speed: Pasveer; Karavaev, Gave Doekhi Some Firm Kicks Obispo, Clark; Tannane, Serero, Has, Right; Matavz, And Math.

Hey, I would start with #wilvit

AvatarAuteurThe Great WhiteMoment of plaatsen20:32 am – August 10, 2019FC Groningen-FC Twente-four hours ago, itwill be over! In a crazy duel and win for FC Twente, with the 1-3 for FC Groningen in the netherlands. The Tukkers used as a penalty (out of three), keeping the home team at half with nine men to the left. It is Twente’s first League win of the season. FC Groningen remain at the three points.

FC Groningen-FC Twente: 1-3
0-1 Nakamura (55′)
0 to 2-Aitor (70′ pen.)
1-2 Doan (84′)
1-3 Vuckic (90+6′)

Aitor (W) miss penalty (16′)
Sierhuis (BRAZIL) misses a penalty (28′)
Lundqvist (TH) is given in red in (41′)
Te Wierik (TH) is given in red (45+2′)Ajax-FC Emmen-four hours ago,It’s peace of mind! Ajax is much better, but it really has not yet arrived at FC Emmen, the netherlands. Amsterdam, leiden, the Brook, 1-0.FC Groningen-FC Twente-four hours ago,90+6′ GOAL for FC Twente. 1-3

FC Groningen takes on all the risks and benefits of Twente. Vuckic is just a transition all the way to be free and shoot and the casting of 1-3 in.Ajax-FC Emmen · a one-hour geleden45, ” here is Tadic is close to a perfect ball behind the standing leg, but it is the commitment of the Serbian rolls, and just next to it.Ajax-FC Emmen · a one-hour geleden45′ moment in the first half in Amsterdam, the netherlands. The pace is what went down. Ajax’s lead is still 1-0.FC Groningen-FC Twente-four hours geleden90+3 for The additional period of time now. Football club FC Groningen and has four minutes to make a miracle draw on the board, to be put in.FC Groningen-FC Twente-four hours geleden90 in the second half, and there’s seven minutes of your time! FC Twente’s lead with the 1-2 up against the nine from FC Groningen in the netherlands.Ajax-FC Emmen · – one hour ago

‘Donny for a year’ sounds like it is right now. It is, after all, just a little harder than normal, and the sound 😜

AvatarAuteurMark LeeneMoment of plaatsen20:14 – August 10, 2019Ajax-FC Emmen · a one-hour geleden36 Box is going to be on the lookout for more goals, but apart from a few shots from a distance, this is not the real danger had been.FC Groningen-FC Twente-four hours ago,84′ GOAL for FC Groningen! 1-2

Well, this game is not yet played out! The first is I came back with nine men against eleven for FC Twente. Doan do the same with the left, nice touch and in the far corner, and we have an exciting day.FC Groningen-FC Twente-four hours geleden81 Still about ten minutes left on the clock in new york. FC Twente and the points, as well as the inside, which makes this game quietly played, it seems to be.Ajax-FC Emmen · a one-hour geledenIn in Amsterdam, they want to want him to stay, as is also evident from these statistics:

9 – Donny van de Beek has been directly involved in nine goals in his last nine Premier league appearances (5 goals, 4 assists). Empire.

AvatarAuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen20:14 – August 10, 2019Ajax-FC Emmen-four hours ago,27′ GOAL, and Ajax. 1-0

On the other hand do not touch for a Year. The much talked-about By the river is quite pretty and a blast to be governed after Tadic well, the list keeps.Ajax-FC Emmen · a one-hour geleden26′ Ziyech get the ball next after a nice combination through the valley, and the Neres. Ajax gives you more gas in the house, but for the time being, it’s still 0-0.Ajax-FC Emmen · a one-hour geleden23 After stupidly losing the ball, Michael Chacon, may, Ajax away, but the Locals play it, it does not look good and is not to be a huge opportunity or even a goal.FC Groningen-FC Twente-four hours ago,70′ GOAL for FC Twente. 0 to 2

Three times is a charm, because now it is going to shoot to get it done. Aitor is once again behind the ball and he did touch it.FC Groningen-FC Twente-four hours ago,69′ Penalty for FC Twente.

There is a penalty for the number three today. Azor Matusiwa overtakes Aitor fall, and after reviewing the images, designate an arbitrator, Bax back into the corner.Ajax-FC Emmen · – one hour ago there are18 Box was sloppy in the early days, and it won’t be easy for FC Emmen, the netherlands. Neres, was, so far, it’s dangerous, but it hits the post.Ajax-FC Emmen · a one-hour geleden16 After losing Ajax, can be FC Emmen is a dangerous counter to set up, but the Kolar is sliding, which increases the chances of lost is on.Ajax-FC Emmen · – one hour ago

Ziyech has already made a lot of yards. His name is juxtaposed to that of the Stream in the stands. Supporters are visibly happy with the news earlier in the week.

AvatarAuteurMark LeeneMoment of plaatsen19:55 pm – August 10, 2019Ajax-FC Emmen-four hours ago,Edson Álvarez is sitting on the couch today, in the Year. The central defender, who is up for a 15 million euro has been taken over by Club America, still awaits his debut for Ajax.FC Groningen-FC Twente-four hours geleden60, ” We have an hour played, the city of Groningen. FC Twente, the 0-1-start to grab and play with the two men. What can the team do?Ajax-FC Emmen · a one-hour geledenZij will no doubt be very pleased with the new contracts for Ziyech and Neres.

When Overmars is doing a good job. 😁

AvatarAuteurAFC AjaxMoment of plaatsen19:54 pm – August 10, 2019Ajax-FC Emmen · a one-hour geleden8 Box is, as expected, the parent is a party in your own home, and are on the hunt for the 1-0. FC Emmen is limited to defending, and lie in wait in the final, in Amsterdam, the netherlands.Ajax-FC Emmen · a one-hour geledenLukt of the Serbian in order to get back to scoring points in the Town.

Interestingly enough, in advance. Tadic was the man to be under a magnifying glass. You can Club record, matched by ^ A (93/94), in eleven successive matches to score a goal. If it is 2, that is, in 4 consecutive games. Only following his departure to chelsea, that it was Mr Big, (1963).

AvatarAuteurMark LeeneMoment of plaatsen19:44 pm – August 10, 2019FC Groningen-FC Twente · 2 hours ago –55′ GOAL for FC Twente. From 0 to 1

There has been in the lead for FC Twente. Nakamura shoots a free kick, very nice inside and the ball. The lead was eleven at nine, is actually also the result for the Tukkers.Ajax-FC Emmen · a 2-hour geleden4, ” It was a little on the question of how to Ajax, our tactics would be today, but given the set-up is to see the current configuration of the Locals. So Onana, Mazraoui, Veltman, Martinez, Tagliafico; Martin, the Blind Ziyech, On the Other Neres; Tadic.Ajax-FC Emmen · a 2-hour geleden1, ” There is barely touch it for a Year. Dusan Tadic cross after a beautiful pass from Hakim Ziyech, David Neres of road. The Brazilian shoots from there, via the goalkeeper, Dennis Telgenkamp against the post. The rebound pops Donny van de Beek is with the left side.Ajax-FC Emmen · 2 hours ago1 ” We are playing football in the Area.” Picks up Ajax today, FC Emmen, of the first three pointer of the season?FC Groningen-FC Twente · a 2-hour geleden48′ Post! Javier Espinosa, almost to the 0-1 to FC Twente, but he just out of the reach of goalkeeper Padt the outside of the post.Back to top

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