As a child of the zaaddonor want to right the name of the father and find out’

The 21-year-old woman from the province of Gelderland wants to be by going to court to find out who her father is. The guy is hiding behind the name of K34; with the seeds were sure to the 57 donorkinderen was conceived. The Rijnstate hospital in Arnhem, the netherlands) knows the identity of the man.

It is, as far as is known, for the first time in the Netherlands, which is a donorkind through legal proceedings to reveal the identity of its source, a report in the newspaper de Volkskrant.

The court was recently called to a group of donorkinderen a dna-test was allowed to do so in order to find out whether they were conceived with the sperm of the vruchtbaarheidsarts Jan Karbaat. Karbaat was found, after his death, for the conception of at least 49 women with his own seed to be used.

The 21-year-old woman who was at the court, Maria, have been trying for two years to find out who her biological father is. It has now been thirteen at the other, donorkinderen of the man. She was the only one who is going to judge.

The man pulled up in the course of the years of consent to the contact

“The image I have of him, it was always pretty basic: a gentle man and my mother was a child,” says Maria, the newspaper reported. “Over the past few years, the desire to know who he is, is becoming stronger and stronger. And why on earth would I not want to know about it? He has been a part of my identity.”

Her mother had been at the end of the nineties, a conscious choice to be a donor, that permission had been given to the child later on may be in contact with him to search for it. So when Mary, in 2017 wanted to, it was found that the biological father’s consent had been withdrawn.


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