Artsenfederatie against stervenshulp in complete life

Artsenfederatie against stervenshulp in complete life

Doctors are against euthanasia if there is a ‘completed life’. They find it ‘understandable’ that is not sick, the elderly, a deliberate death wish, but it is undesirable to be in this situation, assisted suicide is legally possible to make. A separate law brings many risks and disadvantages.

That leaves the artsenfederatie KNMG Wednesday know. Doctors in the Netherlands since 2002, after an explicit request from the patient euthanasia to commit or assist in suicide. But then, there must be unbearable and hopeless suffering, often for medical reasons. There is a rigorous review for.

In politics is fought on the extension of the grounds for euthanasia. Last year was the government positive about a plan for the elderly that is ‘done’ with life, to be able to help from the life to steps. The KNMG consulted with its members, because they expected that it is an important topic in the formation of a new cabinet. VVD and D66 are in favour of a new law.

But the doctors there are principled and practical objections. They fear that it leads to erosion of the current euthanasiepraktijk while now, carefully and in a transparent manner and a great deal of support. Furthermore, it is now also so that when a stack of ouderdomsklachten and non-medical problems are also already meeting the requirement of ‘hopeless suffering’, the KNMG.


In addition, warn the doctors are sure that a new law can lead to unwanted effects for society. So can the elderly feel unsafe and unnecessary to feel or pressure experienced from their environment to an end. It is according to the KNMG better to examine how the sense of futility can be addressed. It comes to “complex and tragic problems”, for which no simple solutions exist, the KNMG.

Also need doctors not to be involved in the assessment of a complete life, they will stick to the procedure involved, consider the KNMG. Even if it’s only to see if the patient has incipient dementia or a treatable psychiatric condition. Moreover, it would allow doctors a stervenshulpverlener be able to assist.

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