Artificial leaf can medicate themselves produce

Artificial leaf can medicate themselves produce

Photo: Eindhoven University Of Technology

Researchers from the Technical University of Eindhoven have an artificial ‘leaf’ that drugs can create.

That writes the research team on the university’s website. The magazine is both in appearance and in behavior modeled on leaves of such trees and works with a relatively new invention, luminescent solar concentrators called. That are devices that a large amount of sunlight can catch it.

The researchers provided a siliconenrubberen luminescent solar concentrator of tiny tubes and put there liquids with certain molecules through it. It came to the molecules in liquids are in contact with the sunlight that the luminescent solar concentrator had collected.

The chemical reaction that it causes, is strong enough to, for example, medications to make. To drugs, are molecules in contact with energy. Now, there are still toxic chemicals and fossil fuels required for the chemical reaction for medicijnproductie strong enough to make.

But with the new invention are that supplies will be reduced to an artificial leaf and sunlight. Thus, the leaf, for example, be used to antimalarial drugs on the spot in the jungle, but also on a future mission to Mars to drugs like paracetamol.

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