Artificial intelligence tries to orientation of people to predict

Artificial intelligence tries to orientation of people to predict

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Researchers have an artificial intelligence developed in which the orientation of people to try to predict, by looking at photos.

The artificial intelligence is described in a research paper of Stanford University, who later will appear in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. An early version is already online appeared.

The researchers have 35.326 photos of 14.776 people to the artificial intelligence displayed, with each image an indication of the orientation of a person.

The photos could the computer have learned to the orientation of a person to identify. According to the researchers, the predictions are in 91 percent of the cases correctly in men. In women is at 83 percent of the pictures shown the correct prediction is made.

In the study the researchers could not own prejudices on the computer to have fought. The artificial intelligence would only basing on his own conclusions on the basis of analyzed photos.


Within the research team, there was doubt as to whether the results will be published had to be, because such an artificial intelligence to be misused. “We found, however, that there is a necessity was to ensure that policymakers and the LHBTQ-community to warn of the risks that now exist,” according to the notes in the research paper.

“We have no tool to privacy, but let this show that commonly used methods is a serious threat for the privacy.”

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