‘Artificial grass pitches may be dangerous for health’

‘Artificial grass pitches may be dangerous for health’

Playing football on artificial pitches containing rubber crumb may be dangerous for the health. There is, therefore, more research is needed into the risks of this kind of fields.

Scientists say to the WORLD that rubber crumb fields are never properly investigated, while in the United States and Great Britain soccer players getting cancer link to play on these fields.

Rubber crumb is made from old car tyres. This material contains carcinogens. In 2006, it is investigated whether these substances can also get into the body of football players can come, but that was a very summary examination, concludes ZEMBLA.

Another problem is that manufacturers of these rubber granulates not know exactly what substances in the product and in what amount.


In 2015, there seemed to be a new European standard for carcinogenic substances in the rubber, but thanks to a successful lobby of the Dutch association of brandenfabrikanten is rubber until at least 2017 under that standard. If the standard already or would apply, it would be the content of harmful substances in the aggregates are much too high.

The KNVB finds that further examination is necessary to artificial grass fields with rubber crumb. The scientists that the WORLD has spoken, close with. They even find that there are not more must be played on the fields, until more is clear about the risks.

Many more artificial grass

According to the RIVM and the ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, there are no health risks with the use of this kind of fields.

The number of football fields of artificial turf is between 2007 and 2016, increased from approximately three hundred to two thousand. 90 percent of these fields with a rubber crumb used.

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