‘Arsonist has Japanese animation been treated for a mental illness

The man, who has been accused of starting the deadly fire of the Japanese animation studio Kyoto Animation in the past been treated for an unspecified mental illness. He also has one for a loss, and let the Japanese public broadcaster NHK on Friday to know.

In 2012, the 41-year-old man to three years in prison, imposed for the robbery of a grocery store. After his release from prison, the man was, for some period of time in institutions, for people who have been convicted of crimes. When he got back to his house, he was recognized by emergency responders, treated for a mental illness.

The police believe that he is the one who will the Thursday of fluid in the around the same number with both dice, and then the building is on fire. Be sure to 33 people in the accident, dozens of others were injured.

Witnesses reported that the man shouted that he was pirated as it was. He would be just in front of the light of the fire, “you’re going to die,” did he.

Kyoto Animation is one of the most prominent Japanese animation studios, and features more than 160 people. The company has, among other things, the series is in The air as we know it, or Haruhi Suzumiya, Clannad and K-On is made of. In the episode, Violet Evergarden has recently been on a Netflix-posted in.


The flames strike from the animation studio Kyoto protocol after it burnt down


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