Around a million older people have lost even a puddle

Around a million older people have lost even a puddle

An estimated one million elders lose sometimes pee. According to research of neuroscientist Gert Holstege.

“Then it goes to ‘urge incontinence’. There is the urge to urinate or defecate, and then immediately,” says Holstege, who on behalf of the Continence Foundation of the Netherlands speaks.

Shame causes people who suffer from urine leakage not seek help. Therefore, asks the foundation of the National Plasdag, where they especially focus on the 50PlusBeurs in Utrecht, attention for incontinence.

“It’s not just the elderly. There is a smaller group of mostly women who, after the birth of their children, sometimes urine losses. That is stress incontinence, which occurs when bodily effort. Urge incontinence occurs in both men and women.”


Ouderdomsincontinentie is a brain disease, allows Holstege, which is affiliated with the universities of Groningen and the Australian city of Brisbane. “The bladder itself is not overactive, but that gets signals from the brain. Normally give the brain the signal “not now” if you have to pee but you sit just to do something that is not possible. Only when you are sitting on the toilet, say your brain: now. But many elderly people have hersenproblemen, very small bloedinkjes that is almost impossible to see, but there really are thousands of. If you are a bit unlucky, the system is interrupted and that ‘not now’message, not more.”

The main problem with incontinence is that it is surrounded with shame, shall, Holstege. “For other hersenziektes you don’t have to be ashamed, but around it is a taboesfeer. While there best thing to do is suffer a lot of people without that it is necessary.”

Depending on the cause of the problems can a urologist help, or physical therapy for the pelvic floor. Holstege: “Go just to the doctor.”

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