Arnold Schwarzenegger see new Terminator movie

Arnold Schwarzenegger see new Terminator movie

Arnold Schwarzenegger has confirmed that he will be in a new part of the Terminator series.

James Cameron, the director of the first two parts, the film will produce. “He comes back”, let the Austria-born actor to know in an interview with ScreenDaily. “James has a few good ideas of how the series can be further continued. I will be in the film.” The actor says that he was with Cameron at the table, sat down to talk about the content of the new Terminator.

Had the 69-year-old Schwarzenegger already know that he has a new part in the Terminator series, however, saw sitting. He played in the first three parts and in the hitherto last and fifth part, which was released in 2015.


The actor confirmed during the Cannes film festival that the sequel to the comedy Twins (1988), called Triplets, probably this year will enter production. “The script is about a month.”

In addition to Schwarzenegger will also be Danny DeVito, who in the eighties-comedy the other leading role. Eddie Murphy plays a role in the sequel. The direction is in the hands of Ivan Reitman, who are also Twins directed.

Twins is about a man (Schwarzenegger) who goes in search of his lost twin brother (DeVito). At their meeting shows that the two both in terms of physical and inner characteristics are each other’s opposite.


In addition, alluded to the actor on a possible new version of Conan the Barbarian, the action movie from 1982 in which Schwarzenegger in the title role will be played. “The script is currently being rewritten, the idea is to make a film to make.”

Trailer of the classic: Terminator, with Arnold Schwarznegger

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