Army is to form long-lasting war, a vision for its new infantry vehicle,

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As for the specific situation of the armed forces of the Manned Fighting Vehicle, the competition seems to be somewhat confused and uncertain, and there appears to be a straightforward, aggressive Military intentions for the new infantry fighting vehicle is that of a pioneer-when it comes to the lethality, protection, flexible, speed, power, and COMPUTER-enabled sensing. Of equal importance, the Army is trying a vehicle to “fast”, which can be upgraded to be effective.

Some of them are raising the question as to whether the brightness and the focus of this vision may be impaired due to the apparent disqualification of the Raytheon-Rheinmetall’s Lynx vehicle. If, according to the reports, the armed forces will be disqualified for the Lynx, the missing of the deadline, only the General Dynamics Land Systems, will remain as the only bidder. Some of them are raising the question of whether having only a single supplier in the first instance, and to submit the first prototype of the program is in danger it will bring her luck. Much of this criticism is, however, valid and deserves further investigation, given the importance of the programme for the modernisation of the armed forces.

In the first instance, there are several button, or the natural elements, in order to do this. In the first race of the program, it will not go away. The Army’s plan to have a full and open production, the competition for the 2023, so that no vendors will be discouraged, or restricted, as it relates to the development, testing, and maturing of a motor vehicle. Second of all, the Army asked the industry to invest, to innovate and to engage in dialogue-something that can be done at different levels. It is introduced with a pertinent question: should the Military-or industrial progress or be burdensome in a particular way, when there is no complete clarity regarding the supplier’s involvement can make a change?

In addition, the timing of the program, as it is a Military strategy, it is very important do not forget that this is a program that was initially launched as an effort to deliver the vehicle as far away as the beginning of the 2030s. However, the speed and the danger of emerging threats by the Army to move up its timetable for its operational position by as much as ten years of age. The implementation of this accelerated-vision, of course, hinges on the leverage of promising new innovations and commercial-off-the-shelf available technologies — in the short term.

As the strategy is refined by the us Army, are trying to both introduce an unprecedented combat capability, and the placing of many of the “now” and “ready for production” technologies. With this in mind, there are a lot of suppliers such as General Dynamics and Raytheon-Rheinmetall have “dug deep” to fully exploit the innovations. For example, General Dynamics, innovators, engineers, and weapons, the developers have been spending the last few years, the construction of a prototype, Griffin, vehicles, and other combat subsystems in order to enter into dialogue with the Military about what they would most like to see. A lot of these CD’s strategy was focused on one soliciting, and the integration of the armed forces of the vision for the new platform. The department has made a clear and open competition; and the supply, THEREFORE the developers wanted to highlight the fact that the key priorities outlined by the Army for 3rd gen FLIR, Lethality, point-of-view, the potential for growth, Security, and Transportation.

There are many merits to the attention of the genre, not the least of which are the efforts to use the demo, test, and refine the promising short-term technologies. Second, the short-term, produceable vehicle, such as the provision of General Dynamics, R&R, evolution makes a lot of sense for a variety of reasons. In essence, many of the world’s most influential, and yet-to-be-existing combat vehicle technology is already here in a number of different ways…. and, even more important, many of the future breakthroughs such as the new AI is competent algorithms, advanced sensors, self-sufficiency, physical sciences, and cyber-weapons developments, and other weapons and modifications – may be quickly inserted as part of an ongoing modernization of the path of a vehicle that was built “right now.”


A lot of the more immediate breakthroughs are expected to be in the form of algorithms, software, and networks, and to feel, and not to mention, EW, and cyber. This means that, to the best of and the recent upgrades can’t be hardware-intensive, which is an existing platform that can be brought in a paradigm change in the levels of the control, the ability to quickly, and without large amounts of “bend over” with new materials. This will help you As the recent experience of prototyping, testing, and demonstration of state-of-the-art as well as the new combat vehicle’s weapons technology. Each and every vehicle has been built, and now, at a glance, it could almost be completely new in some respects, with some new weapons, and a hardened networks, to create a combat-web-nodes-to connect with the drones, helicopters, tanks, increased, troops, and even ships and planes in a multi-domain operations.

Rapid progress of AI-by default, the autonomy will be most likely to enable the vehicle to simultaneously operate a small fleet of attack sensor, the drones, are increasingly in a position to have important functions independent of each other. This has been as a combat multiplier, as in the ease of “learning” the burden of the crew while also having to create new weapons and hardware. The information is expected to be a major weapon of war,” and the further enhancement of the relative merits of a-D-a strategy aimed at fast and fine-tuning the most cutting edge technologies at demo vehicles over the course of a few years.

GD has a lot of experience with this, as you only have to look at the 1980s-era Abrams tanks. Today, a preview of what’s due, even for the most fleeting of research, it is not the volume of your tank from the 80’s. The Upgrades and modifications have been made, a whole new set of wheels. For example, over the years, in the Army, and THEREFORE have to be added – 3rd Gen FLIR, Active Protection, Auxiliary Power Units, which are Multi-Purpose 120mm round, digital, munitions loading, munitions, data links, and additional underbelly armor protection, and massive amounts of electronics, thermal imaging, targeting, sensors, computers and C4ISR systems, to name a few.

What’s interesting is that, while the Abrams has, by nature, the ultimate size, weight, power, strength, and mobility limitations, much of the current thinking is that, with the continuation of the list-it may not go anywhere anytime soon. Although it is not easy to use or travel over a few bridges, and the protection of the power and control of the effectiveness of the Abrams, it is, according to many, the … “here to stay” for a long time.

Finally, a lot of the promising, lightweight composite materials have been engineered into the new vehicle, and it is showing lots of progress; AI-enabled drone autonomy, it is not only this, but it is easy to upgrade to the current systems, the new sensors can be rapidly integrated into the existing chassis; and the advanced network technologies such as between air, land, and maritime assets-are rapidly on the rise, and it can be integrated. While some of the elements of the infrastructure of the vehicle chassis, either now or in the next couple of years, that can’t be easily removed, it is still possible to incorporate lightweight composites in the next few years. They can be added as an extra protection, or combined with, with new weapon systems. In fact, there is also a need for hardware to continue to improve.

The camp will take advantage of to stay on track with the current path, regardless of what the vendors stay the same, because it is a positive and much needed.

— William Osborn of WARRIOR BASE (CLICK**) and can be reached at

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