Army colonel sentenced to 12 years in child pornography case

HARRISBURG, Pa. – A colonel who was once the head of the U. S. Army’s strategic war gaming division, sobbed and apologized Wednesday before being sentenced to 12 years for receipt and distribution of child pornography.

Colonel Robert Rice, 59, told a federal judge in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, that he was deeply ashamed, and recognized that the victims of child pornography can not heal.

“When this began I didn’t see, the human beings,” Rice said. “I came to the realization that this is not a crime without victims. That each time an image is passed, it refreshes the … emotional damage.”

He said that he was “so sorry and ashamed for what I did to keep cycling.”


The sentence was at the same time with a four-year term he received in October after pleading guilty to three pornography counts during a military court-martial. That findings and sentence be reviewed by a general of the Army.

In the federal case, Rice was convicted by a jury, and the Deputy-Procurator of the V. S. James Clancy said his actions during the investigation and trial were calculated.

“The seriousness of this kind of crime can not be stressed enough,” Clancy said.

Clancy says that the Rice was wearing his full dress uniform, adorned in medals, each day of his trial.

Rice also blamed his wife for his own behaviour, which Clancy said subjected her “to a longer period of humiliation.” Clancy said they have been involved in a long, bitter divorce that is not final.


Rice told U. S. District Judge Christopher Conner that his own actions his wife in an impossible position.

“She had the courage to do what was right, and I didn’t know,” Rice said.

Rice, who is already 37 years in the army, most recently assigned to the us Army War College Center for Strategic Leadership in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. He was arrested in 2013.

He said that he took “full responsibility” and had discredit to the Army. He apologized for the Army, his family, his friends, and researchers.

Conner said Rice is a criminal activity was known because of the software that is installed on one of his computers. He said Rice had a large number of images and displayed knowledge of and experience in the trade in child pornography, and actions that have occurred over a longer period of time.

Rice’s lawyer argued that the Rice age put him at a low risk of reoffending and that he has benefited from the guidance.

He was fined $5,100 and will have 10 years supervised release.

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