Army band members are in for trump at the inauguration sample


He pulled the red power tie. She wore the shoes. Together, the two army-band-members have their best trump impressions, as part of the official rehearsal for the day of the inauguration of the President.

“It was a great experience,” Sgt. Maj. Greg Lowery said.

Lowery and Spc. Sara Corry got the chance, the role of the President-elect, Donald Trump, and incoming first wife Melania, respectively, on Sunday in a start-to-finish dress rehearsal in Washington. They describe the once-in-a-lifetime experience, in a joint interview on Tuesday morning on “Fox & Friends”.

“I was very honored to be able to see you and have a bird’s eye view on what the President on Friday,” said Corry. She said it was her first time in the Capitol, calling it “incredible.”

Lowery said the two of them went through an interview process, to the gig.

The criteria were simple: “We were selected based on our height, General appearance.”

But he played the role.

A universal photo shows Lowery flashes a very Trumpian thumbs up to the crowd.

“It felt right in the moment,” he said.

Since the images have made the rounds, Lowery said he had heard from friends that he is not connected with in years, and his Facebook page has “blown up.”

The real trump card, in the meantime, other preparations for the main event on Friday. Fox News can confirm that Trump has done to lead to a practice of his inaugural speech with a TelePrompter and a podium in New York City, and it is a fundamental issue of the “America first”.

Trump also plans to use two Bibles for the swearing-in ceremony with Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts: A family, the Bible and the Lincoln Bible.

So the trump card “stand-ins” do you have any advice for the soon-to-be, the first family?

Reminds a bit of effort, he had said on the last flight of stairs to the podium, Lowery:

“Watch your step”.

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