Armin van Buuren has been less and less afraid to take risks with the music

Armin van Buuren is about to say nice and at ease, and it has to be a productive period of time back in which he made the finishing touches put on his new album, the Balance.

“I feel that I am less and less afraid to take risks,” says the 42-year-old dj, whose album this Friday has been published on

“This album is a lot of fun, collaborative working environment. Of course, you hear the old Armin sound of that, expect the fans to me – but I have a lot of experience.”

An example of this is the hardstylenummer, Don’t Let Me Go. “In addition, there are some ballad-esque songs on the album and is a collaboration with Ne-Yo, which I am very proud of. The hoofdsound remains in the trance, but on their seventh album, do you want something else to play.”

He found it easier to go your own way, according to Who, through his many years of experience in the music industry. “I’m twenty years old and I have one half of the world. I’m 42 and have two children. In the opinion of others, it is still important to me, but for a lot less. I think it is very important to having a good time in the studio and be myself again, to-day, instead of doing what my fans and pleast. Therefore, I have a little more ‘day trips’ are made.”

Finding balance is a daily struggle’

His new album, the Balance is exactly as it is to find a balance. “I think we are all continuously searching for that”, says the dj, who was recently in the talk show, home cooked apple pie told me that he was in 2010, in spite of all its successes, the unluckiest man in the world too.

“My life has been pretty crazy, but I am lucky to have a stable home. However, it is a challenge to get everything in the right direction. You want to be good to your family, your friends, and your fans around the world. That is, it is a daily struggle. If I say yes to a booking, and I’m not at the soccer game of my son.”

The album title, is he more reason to succeed. “Balance offers a total of seven letters, and this is my seventh album. The middle letter is ‘a’, Armin.”

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