Arizona man says that his mother’s body was blown up in a military detonation tests without consent: report

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An Arizona man learned in the five years after his mother’s death, that her body had been sold to the military, exploded in a bomb blast tests without its permission, a report has said.

Doris Stauffer, died at the age of 73 years old in 2014 after suffering from Alzheimer’s disease later in life. Her son, Jim Stauffer, agreed to allow doctors to examine the mother in the human brain, but the neurologist rejected by the body after it is dead, in Phoenix, arizona, KNXV-TV reported. He was looking for, organic donation services in the hope, that his mother’s body, and can be used for further research into the causes of memory loss in Alzheimer’s disease patients.


Biological Resource Center (BRC), since the closure of the Phoenix, at the base of the body-donor facility, within 45 minutes, and after the death of the body, ” he said. He said that he had signed a document that stated what it was and what it had to say was it is no coincidence that the mother’s body. “The conduct of medical research, which may be related to the explosions, and we said no. We have checked the ” no ” box on all of it,” Jim Stauffer said.

Later on, he was given a box which he told me he had sent the bulk of his mother’s ashes, some of the information and an identification number.

He said: “Reuters has compiled a paper trail on the basis of internal documents provided by the authorities, which was revealed to BRC would sell his mother’s body to a military contractor, is to be used in the detonation tests. Her body was tied to a chair and a bomb was detonated beneath it to simulate what happens to the human body when a vehicle hits an IED, ” he said.

“I feel like a fool,” he told KNXV-TV. “I’m not a trusting person, but in this situation, you have no idea this is going on — you can rely on. I think that confidence is what they’re fed.”

He came in a civil lawsuit filed against the BRC is the owner of Stephen Gore, according to the organ-donor facility that preyed on low-income people and the bereaved families in order for them to donate their loved ones ‘ bodies, under false pretenses.


A Pentagon spokesman, told Reuters that the BRC will provide the body with the components of the U.S. Military, the contractors, under false pretenses, leading the military to believe (BRC) to receive the permission of the family to have their relatives’ organs in the destructive tests.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation raided (BRC) in 2014, following allegations that the organization is in the analysis of body parts to sell for a profit. Gore pleaded guilty in 2015, is to cheat the customers by selling contaminated parts of the body to medical institutions, Reuters has reported. Al Gore is going to appear in court in October to face the families of those involved in the civil case, KNXV-TV reported.

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