Arizona congressional candidate rebuffs calls to drop out of the race over a ten-year-old allegation of rape

Yahya Yuksel, a Democrat running for Congress in Arizona, is facing calls to drop out of the race after allegations that he raped a 16-year-old girl who showed up a decade ago, when he was 17.

(Yahya Yuksel for the Congress)

An Arizona Democratic Congress-has turned up lost the candidate, the support of local party officials after a decades-long rape allegation.

Yahya Yuksel, a lawyer allegedly raped a 16-year-old girl’s drink while at a friend’s house in 2007. He was 17 years old at the time.

Yuksel is one of the seven Democrats vying for the seat Republican Rep. Martha McSally cleared. The seat could be a critical pickup for the Democrats in their national quest to be in control of the house of representatives

Yuksel, who was never arrested for the alleged crime, has maintained his innocence and brushing off calls to drop out. He told The Associated Press he did not rape, but each had consensual sex after drinking.

“You should attribute to the alcohol, but you can not said you can not write on violence, they attribute it to disregard or violate the law,” he said.

In Arizona, is not given the permission, when a person is under the influence of alcohol or “other similar impairment of cognition, and this condition is known or reasonably known to the defendant,” according to RAINN, the nation’s leading anti-sexual assault organization. The age of consent in Arizona is 18.

According to a 2008 police report, the teenage girl has to refund the charge of a school guidance counselor and told the police that you don’t ultimately want to. You claimed that you said Yuksel “no” repeatedly during the incident and eventually passed out.


The Arizona Daily Star reported that Yuksel rejected a petition in Pima County Superior Court to hide the cover sheet of the report earlier this year, but it was.

He accused his opponent for the consequences of the statement.

“I think it was my opponent that, you know, saw in me, and they could not kill my dreams, so they tried to assassinate my character,” he told KGUN-TV.

The Pima County Democratic party last week took the rare move of voting to withdraw support of Yuksel. His information was also removed from its website, the features, the other six Democrats vying for the seat.

In an emergency Executive Committee meeting, all members present agreed to formally withdraw our support for the @yahyayuksel campaign.

— Pima Dems (@PimaDems) 19. July 2018

“He has shown, and his campaign has shown, to represent that he is not ready to CD2 in the Congress,” chair Jo Holt told The Associated Press.


Billy Kovacs, one of Yuksel’s opponents, praised the Pima County Democrats for his actions. He praised the party for “the observance of the core values of our party and stand with survivors of sexual assault.”

“This unpreseidented [sic] step, the the Board of management for the reminder that we are stronger together, when we listen, and we [believe women],” he said in a tweet.

I’m proud of @PimaDems for compliance with the basic values of our party and stand with survivors of sexual assault. This unpreseidented step, the management Board is the reminder that we listen to together we are stronger, if, and we #believe women

— Billy Kovacs (@kovacs4congress) 19. July 2018

The democratic candidate, Mary Matiella, said Yuksel remarks during a press conference, the “left number of ingredients and sexual assault victims to legal overwhelmed with the grief and the anger.”

“Today, I choose to stand with the 1 in 6 American women and 1 in 33 men will be victims of sexual assault in their lives. I talk to the victim and also those who are not able to,” she said in calling for Yuksel to fall out of the race.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: press RELEASE: candidate statement: Matiella Yuksel calls to resign – Attached#MeToo #believe women #AZ02

— Mary Matiella (@Mary Matiella) July 15, 2018

A grassroots organization called Me AZ is repealed, to speak an invitation for Yuksel to fall of at a recent candidate forum and asked him out of the race.


“To Yahya responsibility for his actions in a meaningful way, and his campaign and supporters to stop attacking those who request it, we can’t legitimize that candidate,” Marion Chubon, group president, said in a lengthy Facebook post.

Yuksel said, KGUN, he needed to support his party, because he was sure that he could win over Republicans and independents in the General elections, “see this as a fundamental breach of due process”.

The other Democrats for the seat, Matt, Heinz, Ann Kirkpatrick, Barbara Sherry, Bruce Wheeler, Kovacs, and Matiella. The Republicans are: Brandon Martin, Danny “DJ” Morales, Lea Marquez Peterson, and Casey Welch.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Kaitlyn Schallhorn is a Reporter for Fox News. You can follow her on Twitter: @K_Schallhorn.

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