Ariana Grande finds sexuality in clips no reason for objectification

Ariana Grande finds sexuality in clips no reason for objectification

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Ariana Grande will find it nonsense that people find that they objectification itself elicits sexual movements in her clips. The singer is furious that people on social media pretending to be asking for sexual comments by the images.

On Twitter let the 23-year-old singer know that the sexual movements and images that its concerns a form of art. “Your sexuality to express in the art and is not an invitation for others to be disrespectful. Just like wearing a short skirt no sign that sexual assault is okay.”

Grande told earlier this week via social media about her encounter with a fan of her friend and rapper Mac Miller. The fan told Miller how great he found it, but said also that Grande “terribly sexy” and that he understood why Miller and her wanted to go to bed.

The singer let then know that they found that the fan its so approached and that she is “not a piece of meat” is. Then reacted with various people that Grande’s behavior itself elicits with her clips.

“You say literally that if you are in a certain way looks like, you women just but you can, tackle. That is not so! We have the right to ourselves to express,” says Grande.

Women’s choice. ♡ our bodies, our clothing, our music, our personalities….. sexy, flirty, fun.
it is not. an open. invitation.


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