Ari Fleischer: The democratic agenda is that we have the party in danger for the year 2020

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After the second round of the Democrat primary debates, the former White House press secretary, Fox News contributor, Ari Fleischer, the three big ideas that he believes sets push voters away from the democratic party in the year 2020.

A liberal-democratic agenda is that we lose the party in danger, the 2020 presidential election, the former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer said on Friday.

On “America’s Newsroom” with anchor Bill Hemmer, Fleischer noted that the top three of the leading Democrats in the polls-including former two—term Vice-President Joe Biden, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders-two of them Democrats.

“And if Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders are the nominees for the Democrats…What they add up to now, these two socialists Joe beat Biden. If one of them is the candidate will have moved the Democrats so far to the left, in a direction away beyond the [former democratic presidential candidate George] McGovern, way beyond liberal, they nominated previously. I think you can make it to win is almost impossible for you, a General election,” he said inhibitors.

Fleischer, who served as press secretary under President George W. Bush from 2001 to 2003, also drew attention to the deep ideological differences between the party’s moderate and progressive wings.

“You saw that tension build-up at the beginning of the debate, where they spent about a half an hour on Medicare-for-all. And you heard Democrats, like Biden and [Minnesota Senator Amy] Klobuchar warn the rest of the field, how dangerous an idea it is to go as far,” he said.

“But, it is what Bernie wants, what it wants to Warren, [Julian] Castro want—a lot of Democrats want it,” said Fleischer.

Earlier Friday morning on “Fox & Friends,” the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr, told viewers that the Democrats, if not the American people: “you need people to be dependent on big government, because if they are not, they really don’t offer everything. We saw nothing new last night. We saw no plans and that is scary for you.”

Fleischer agreed with the younger trump in the analysis, because “what they saw in the first two debates, anxiety, a lot of people in the middle, and, of course, on the right side.”

“The whole democratic agenda is that we are the Democrats in danger. And, this is a huge Problem in a General election,” Fleischer said.

The top three Democrats in the polls belong to Biden, Warren, and Sanders, which Fleischer says is “just not cutting it this year.” He also noted that Warren will feel fresh to the voters, even though “you’re ideologically very similar.”

Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg and California Senator Kamala Harris are not your leadership, but close.

The candidates polls a majority of the voters show discussed faith that the country will have the tip in the wrong direction under President Donald Trump, but Democrats seem to have to answer some fundamental questions about who or what the party stands for more than just against the first-term Republican.

When Hemmer asked whether it was possible that it could be more than one candidate sent to the convention in Milwaukee next August, the butcher, and told him it was still too early to say. “I still think you have three people at the top, and basically no one else matters for now. And these three are Biden, Warren, and Sanders. That seems to be the Form of the race.”

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