Arab countries continue to Qatar boycott

Arab countries continue to Qatar boycott

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The Arab boycott on Qatar remains provisionally in force. That have four of the neighbouring countries that the economic and diplomatic ties with the oliestaat have broken Wednesday announced.

“The political and economic boycott is going to Qatar policy good suits,” says the Saudi minister Adel al-Jubeir (Foreign Affairs).

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain accuse Qatar, among others, of relationships with terrorist groups.

To put an end to the boycott, which resulted in a food shortage in Qatar, the four countries an ultimatum offered. Qatar calls the thirteen requirements, however, “are not reasonable and not enforceable”.

The Egyptian minister Sameh Shoukry says that Qatar has responded to the eisenlijst, but that the response “overwhelmingly negative and not content”. There are no new sanctions announced.


Three reasons why four Arab countries Qatar boycott


The neighbouring countries like, inter alia, that the government in Doha less close diplomatic relations with arch rival Iran, and news channel Al Jazeera to close. In addition, should the wealthy oliestaatje his ties with terrorist organizations disconnect.

According to Qatar, the blockade has nothing to do with fighting terrorism, but we want the countries of regulating them to the sovereignty of Qatar. The country had twelve days to complete the requirements to comply to.

The Qatari minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani (Foreign Affairs) suggested Wednesday that Saudi Arabia and the UAE, the driving forces are behind the isolation of his country. “We have with those countries in order to find out what the real problems and real grievances”, said the minister in London.

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