Apps that track how you sleep, are of little use’

Using a mobile app or smartwatch to keep track of how much and how well you are sleeping, is this as good as possible. We ask that the slaapdeskundigen Eus van Someren, Winni Hofman and Lucia Talamini.

Slaapapplicaties, and smart watches will be able to have two things, a promise that she’ll sleep duration measure, and that they would give you a sleep record. However, the measure of the sleep, and is not something that can be a simple slaapmeter can log in to the slaapexperts right away.

Sleep, measure you are not using an app

Slaapstadia to be, and anyway, no one app is well measured, the sign slaapprofessor Van Someren. Hoffman, slaapexpert at the university of amsterdam, adds: “Slaapstadia can only be measured by electrodes on the skull to paste and the brain waves measured. That, of course, there is no other slaapapp or a smartwatch.”

“Slaapstadia can only be measured by electrodes on the skull to stick
Winni Hofman, slaapexpert UvA

That is very interesting-looking graphs, charts, and analyses of how long you have in which sleep should you do it with a big grain of salt. “A lot of slaaptools show hardly any agreement how can you really sleep at night.”

Commercial tools are unreliable’

How does that fit in with the measurement of the sleep duration? “In theory, this type of zelfzorgmiddelen give you insight into how you’re sleeping and awake,” says Talamini, who is carrying out research into slaapmeters, such as a smartwatch.

“However, research has shown that the commercial tools that is very unreliable.” She goes on to explain: “The motion is in the commercial slaapmeters are often ok, but for the software, and the analysis is set up for a family.”

“The software and the analysis can be in a lot of slaapmeters make good for nothing”
Lucia Talamini, research slaapmeters

“In our lab, we use it as a wrist watch, a actigraaf, with state of the art software. That may be good, your sleep duration to measure it, but it’s not available to buy in the shops. Just simply because you have here a total of 700 euros to have him.”

A review of several studies in the journal Expert Review of Medical Devices, and ended with the conclusion of the smartwatch, on average, a positive picture of the amount of sleep at night.

It goes through your slightly more reliable than the slaapapp

The vast majority of applications, and of the watches is they make use of motion sensors. Description: The idea is this: if you have a lot of moves, you wake up, if you don’t exercise, then you can sleep. And that is the only way you will find out about your sleep duration.”

Talamini know that it is a slaapapp that is less than that of a smart watch. “On the phone with the slaapapp is situated during the night in addition to on the mattress. The sensors, therefore, is not the movement of your arm, but you to bed.”

She goes on to say, “That is, after all, is not a reliable, let alone when you have someone next to you, you are. Of those, the movement will be registered.”

Some of the suitable measurement in addition to your pulse rate. They are a bit more reliable, let the Description), and Talamini know about it. Description: How fast your heart rate is, it is in fact also related to the time of the night. The heart rate is already included in the night is down, and it varies also by stage.” Talamini, agrees with this.

An app to record the movement of your bed, and someone standing next to you is. (Photo: Thinkstock)

Sleep disorder? The way of gadgets

Poor sleepers, who are truly in need of help, it’s all bekaaid rid of it. Van Someren: “the Elderly as well as people with insomnia often lie still without sleeping. So slaapapp or a smartwatch would think that person might just be sleeping.”

The Consumers ‘ association warns it is also, for the apps, because it is the image that they paint is often very misleading it is. By doing so, users are unnecessarily alarmed or mistakenly put your mind at ease. Advice: do not buy the wearable in each and every case, it is not a special way to sleep is to be measured.

“If you’re awake, but not moving, the first thing you publish, or to watch you sleep”
Eus van Someren, slaapprofessor

According to the British professor, Sleep disorders, Guy Leschziner may, with the special focus will be on sleep, made sure that the people with insomnia will develop. In the opinion of the Talamini for people with sleep disorders, it is also suitable, and slaapapps to the left of us. “The measure of sleep problems and disorders, you will need to have a sleep-waakcentrum, and full polysomnography for you.”

She goes on to say, “Well, all the physiological functions are examined while you sleep. Think of your brain activity, breathing, legs, muscle tone, and the oxygen in your blood.”

Once again, technology from the bedroom

A real smart watch, so it will not be as accurate in the measurement of sleep and sleep quality be able to of these tools, nothing meaningful to say. In addition, you have an slaapapp next to you on the bed, and a wrist watch constantly on your wrist there. That is at odds with the advice to take the technology out of the bedroom to ward off.

Description: “It’s a distraction and a source of blue light. The light also reduces the production of serotonin, which makes you more difficult to fall asleep, or more tired to wake up.”

Talamini, “In the lab, we can see that the people who are in a commercial watch to have, it can be derived from it. They are going to, for example, look at what time it is, or how high their heart rate is. Such a slaapmeter even be counter-productive.”


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