Apple’s new iPhones, the shift of the smartphone camera battle field for the AI

(Reuters) – Apple Inc’s (AAPL.R), the triple-a camera from the iPhone to this week’s marketing chief, Phil Schiller, waxing on about the ability of the machine to make the perfect shot to weave together all eight claims are included for the main shot, as an example of “computational photography,” mad science.”

FILE PHOTO: CEO Tim Cook presents the new iPhone, the 11, Pro at an Apple event at its headquarters in Cupertino, California September 10, 2019. REUTERS/Stephen Lam HP1EF9A1EM211

“And when you press the shutter release button, it can take a long exposure, and then, in one second, and the neural engine can analyze the fused combination of the long and the short of images, selecting the best one among them is now in the process of all of the pixels, and a pixel-by-pixel, by reason of the 24-million-pixel will be optimized for detail, and a low noise level,” Schiller said, describing a feature called “Deep Fusion” is that the ship will be out later this year.

It was the sort of technical discussion that is, in the last few years, you may have to be reserved for design chief Jony Ive put into the story of a high precision aluminum milling is a process for the production of the iPhone’s sleek lines. However, in this case, the Schiller, the company’s most enthusiast photographers, it was showered with the highest praise in the measure of silicon, and the use of artificial intelligence software.

The technology industry has been a battlefield for smartphone cameras has been shifted in to the device, where the advanced artificial intelligence software, and if you play a more important role in how a phone is the pictures.

“The cameras and the displays of the phones are selling,” said Julie Ask, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester.

Apple has added a third lens to the iPhone, in 11, Pro-model, the tuning of the camera settings from rivals such as Samsung Electronics Co Ltd (005930.KS) and Huawei Technologies Co Ltd [HWT.UL], which have been a feature of their high-end models.

However, Apple has played catch-up in mobile phone with some features like “night mode” to make low light photographs look better. Apple is going to be put into the new phones when they ship in September. 20, but the Smartphone and Alphabet, Inc. ‘ s (GOOGL.(O) the Google Pixel and have had similar positions over the previous year.

To make the photos look better, Apple is trying to gain an advantage by means of of a custom chip that powers the phone. When the iPhone you 11, Pro start, team leaders spent more time talking to his processor and was called to the A13 motorway, Bionic – like specs on the new lens.

A dedicated section of the chip is referred to as the “neural engine”, which is reserved for the artificial intelligence tasks, the iPhone is a much better, clearer photos in low-light conditions.

Samsung and Huawei are also in the design of custom chips for their phones, and even Google have changed “Visual Core” of silicon, which helps with Pixel-for-Pixel photography jobs.

Ryan Reith, program vice president at research firm IDC’s mobile device tracking program, has said that it has taken for the duration of a game in which the only phone makers who have sufficient resources to the advantage of the custom chips and the software to be able to afford to invest in custom camera systems and their devices.

Even a very low-cost devices, are now equipped with a two or three camera’s on the back of the phone, ” he said, but it’s the chips and software that have a major role to play in the question of whether the images look wonderful or so-so be it.

“The advantages of the pile in today’s smart phones, and the chipset is more important now than ever before, because the exterior of the phone is a commodity,” Reith said.

The custom chips and the software powering it is a new camera system, it will take several years to develop. However, in Apple’s case, the research-and-development, may be useful to include in the product, such as augmented reality glasses, many experts believe that Apple is on the move.

“It’s all built in to the larger picture all along the line, augmented reality, and start a phone-and ultimately to other products,” Reith said.

Report by Stephen Nellis in San Francisco; Editing by Lisa Shumaker

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