Apple supplier Foxconn will cross 10 billion dollars in Us plant

Apple supplier Foxconn will cross 10 billion dollars in Us plant

Photo: EPA

Apple supplier Foxconn about $ 10 billion to invest in a factory in the U.s. state of Wisconsin. There will be more LCD displays are put together.

The investment plan was made during a ceremony in the White House revealed. It is the first major U.s. investment by the Taiwanese company, which, inter alia, in command of Apple and Samsung products in one another.

According to a spokesperson of the White House, the factory only the first of a series of American investments from Foxconn, that also is the owner of Sharp.

The factory will work offer of three thousand people, but that number may after a period of time of up to 13.000. Foxconn gave shortly after the inauguration of president Donald Trump, all the billions to go invest in the United States.


The company chose Wisconsin because that state up to 3 billion dollars of tax benefits to offer, as Foxconn itself to certain conditions. So employees have an average of nearly 54.000 dollar (almost 46,000 euros) a year to earn.

According to Foxconn ceo Terry Gou is the new factory the first in the US that LCD screens can produce.

In an interview, said president Donald Trump earlier this week that Apple has three large factories in the USA would start building. Even though Foxconn supplies Apple, seems he’s not talking about the Foxconn-factory to have had. In Wisconsin is going to Foxconn in the first instance, tv screens for Sharp.

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