Apple now confronted with at least 8 class action lawsuits about it slowing down older iPhones



Apple admits that the slow down old iPhones when the new models come

Kurt ‘The Cyber Guy’ Knutsson explains after a new lawsuit has been filed against the company.

The lawsuits about slow iPhones keep piling up.

Apple is now faced with at least eight AMERICAN class-action suits charging the ripped off iPhone users by slowing down the devices without warning to compensate for the poor performance of the battery — just a week after the tech giant opened up about the-year-old software change.

The tweak may have led iPhone owners wrong attempts to solve problems in the past year, the lawsuits contend.

All lawsuits filed in the U. S. District Courts in California, New York and Illinois — search class-action to represent potentially millions of iPhone users nationwide.

A similar case was to be found in an Israeli court on Monday, the newspaper Haaretz reported.

Apple has not responded to an e-mail seeking comment on the pieces.

The company acknowledged last week for the first time in detail that the operating system updates released since “last year” for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6, iPhone SE and iPhone 7 a “smooth” power of batteries that are cold, old, or low fee.

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