Apple is testing next-generation 5G wireless tech for the iPhone

No matter how many iPhones Apple sells in a given quarter, it never seems to be enough for some analysts, and technical experts. Even in cases where the iPhone sales exceed expectations, the story that we have reached peak iPhone inevitably begins to take hold. The prospect for an accelerated iPhone growth, however, is higher than the for quite some time. Not only is the iPhone 8 release looming on the horizon, but people seem to forget that we are about to jump head-first into a hyper-fast world of 5G connectivity, and Apple is already excited about getting in on the action.

On Tuesday afternoon, Apple applied for an experimental license from the FCC testing of the next generation of 5G wireless technologies, according to a recent report from Business Insider. Apple’s app reads in part:

Apple Inc. want to review mobile link of the performance in the direct path and multipath environments between the base station transmitters and receivers with the help of this spectrum

These assessments of technical data relevant for the operation of devices on the wireless carriers’ future 5G networks.

Apple indicates that it plans to test 5G technologies at two locations in controlled facilities, one in Cupertino and another in Milpitas, California. Apple also has a relay that it intends to use with the 28 and 39 GHz band using technology that Rohde & Schwarz A. H. Systems, and Analog Devices.

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Apple’s application also notes that the “run the experiments for a period of up to 12 months.” Consequently, it is logical that the 2019 iPhone 9 will be the first iPhone of Apple serves with 5G connectivity.

Incidentally, AT&T just a few months ago said that it will begin rolling out its own 5G network to a few lucky cities later this year. Of course, if there is one thing we know about Apple, it will have no problem with the delay of the release of the iPhone 5G to overall 5G coverage is commonplace.

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