Apple equips the iphone with the iOS of 13, for dark mode

Apple will make the iphone an update to its software for iOS and support for a smartphonebrede the dark mode as well. The company announced Monday at its annual developer conference itself WWDC in California.

In the dark mode, which is available on iOS, to 13, it changes to a light color will automatically be in the dark. The mode has an impact on the elements such as notifications, widgets, and apps, such as music, photos and apps.

On-the-iPhone -, X, and XS may be in the dark mode, to a certain degree, energy-saving work. These smart phones are equipped with an oled display. The black pixels are effectively switched off, in contrast to lcd displays, in which the black pixels are active, will be displayed.

Using the dark mode, Apple is responding to the needs of users in low-light conditions and a less-bright screen. Also, the rival Android operating system from Google in its coming update smartphonebrede the dark mode as well.

Apple provides iOS 13, further minor updates that the operating system is quicker to make as compared to the current version. In accordance with the company Face-ID’s, and its face-tracking, 30 per cent quicker than before and will open apps up to twice as fast as the iOS is 12.

Apple’s software update in the fall, is available for the iPhone 6S and above.


Apple announced dark mode for iOS, which is 13

Just login to the other apps

Apple does it in iOS, is 13, a new feature that lets users over to Apple sign in to other services, similar to the inlogknoppen, Google, and Facebook.

On the Apple variant, users can choose to set up their e-mail addresses to the third party service to hide it. In this case, Apple has every service to have a unique e-mail address to which the e-mail service, which forwards it to the normal e-mail address of the user.

In this way, it is harder for firms to create profiles of users using the e-mail address. Users can still choose to use Apple’s login button to their regular e-mail addresses to share with you.

Apple is splitting the software on the iphone and ipad

With the update to the operating system of Apple will be a division between the versions for iphone and ipad. Up to now, has run the sales of smartphones and tablets from Apple, the same operating system, iOS. In the fall, that will change with the introduction of a separate operating system for Apple’s tablets are the iPadOS.

The software offers users the possibility to have widgets to the home screen of the user. Also, iPadOS, the ability to have the screen of the tablet, more ways to split this to multi-tasking and to promote their use.

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