Apple drag chipmaker Qualcomm again for the right

Apple drag chipmaker Qualcomm again for the right

Photo: AFP

Apple drag chipmaker Qualcomm again in court in two new cases. In the first new case requires Apple’s $ 145 million. The second case concerns the patentafspraken between the companies.

That reports Reuters. Apple claimed that Qualcomm, the Chinese competition law has been violated, and that it is aggrieved by the manufacturer to its position on the market has been abused as a dominant supplier of chips.

In the second lawsuit asks Apple or the Chinese court the agreements on the use of patents may view and an opinion on the terms and conditions that are agreed between both companies.

Qualcomm sells smartphonechips, but also has important patents on (parts of) 2G-, 3G – and 4G-network technology. Therefore, all smartphonemakers licenses close with the company.


Qualcomm says in a comment that the company “is prepared to model to defend”, but also says the lawsuits have not yet seen. Don Rosenberg, a member of the daily management at Qualcomm, said in the statement that Apple with this case to ensure now pay less for the technology.

“We have the conditions that we at Apple have presented, even to more than a hundred other Chinese companies offered. Apple refused to them at all, but to consider it.”

Apple has not yet responded to the news.

These two trials follow-up to another lawsuit between Apple and Qualcomm. Apple complained chipmaker Qualcomm earlier this month, though, because Qualcomm are monopoly would have been for Apple to force the chips from Qualcomm. Apple requires the payment of an indemnity of a billion dollars.

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