“Apple dismisses dozens of people who worked on self-propelled cars

“Apple dismisses dozens of people who worked on self-propelled cars

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Apple has dozens of people fired who were working on a self-propelled car. s of the autoproject have been stopped, because Apple plans to put a private car on the market, review.

Writes in The New York Times on the basis of three anonymous sources with knowledge of the autoproject for Apple. Those three people were not allowed to come out with the information.

It goes according to the newspaper already not good with autoproject. Apple has in the last two years more and more money put into the project, but that has hardly led to progress.

Apple is very secretive about autoproject and has not acknowledged that there was a car being worked on. There are, however, several hints have come out about the so-called project Titan.


In July, Apple veteran Bob Mansfield once again adopted by the company to be in charge of the project to take over. Mansfield previously worked for hardware development on the MacBook Air, the iMac and the iPad.

Later that month was also the former Blackberry ceo Dan Dodge adopted. When would all have become clear that Apple, with the autoproject on a different bow on it. So the company could focus more on development of the underlying technology of self-propelled cars, than the cars themselves.

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