Apple can lawsuit around FaceTime not stop

Apple can lawsuit around FaceTime not stop

Photo: AFP

Apple filed a motion against the lawsuit around a non-working version of FaceTime in iOS 6, but the case goes on anyway.

That certain a U.s. district court judge, writes Reuters. Apple is accused of videochatdienst FaceTime aware unusable in iOS 6 to people with iOS 7 to reduce.

The plaintiffs say that it is useless to make FaceTime measurable damage ravaged on the phones of customers, that Apple was in breach of consumer rights.

Apple says that the users have no economic damages have been incurred, because FaceTime is a free service. The plaintiffs say that FaceTime is a part of the iPhone, for which at the time of purchase is paid and where customers are entitled to.

New technology

Apple got iOS 7 on to a new technology, which was cheaper than those in iOS 6. After a year went by the certificate of the old version. Apple advised customers to go to iOS 7 update to FaceTime to continue to use.

Especially customers with an iPhone 4 and 4S were duped. Some of them didn’t want to switch to a new operating system, because iOS 7 problems on older devices. So who caused the slowness and crashes.

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