Apple asks FCC to set rules on net neutrality to preserve

Apple asks FCC to set rules on net neutrality to preserve

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Apple asks the American communicatiewaakhond FCC to the existing rules for net neutrality to preserve.

That reports Recode Thursday. Under the current rules breedbandproviders access to legal content, apps and services, not block. Also, the quality of the internet traffic will not be modified and should services, apps and websites with no priority given in exchange for money.

The FCC voted in may, however, with less stringent rules. It may legal content may be blocked and may providers and websites to give priority in exchange for money. Various tech were already out against the changes, but Apple was so far silent.

Apple now says against the proposed changes. “Providers of online services and products should ensure that they their customers can achieve, without disruption of a provider,” says Apple.

The iPhone manufacturer claims that the honour of apps, services and websites in exchange for money the internet, as we now know, fundamentally, can change. That would be to the detriment of consumers, competition and innovation. “Simply put, the internet is too important for consumers and innovation for the unprotected and uncertain to stay,” says Apple.

Reactions public

The changes in the rules are not yet final. In the night between Wednesday and Thursday was the period in which the public could respond to the proposal ended. In total, there were 21.8 million responses, but there was also spam.

According to research from Emprata and Broadband for America were 1,54 million unique responses. 98,5 per cent thereof, was against the changes in the rules.

The FCC should now have a completed proposal. In theory, there would be the reactions of the population in processes. The proposal is a real regulation, there should first about be tuned. When that happens, it is not yet known.

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