Apothekersorganisatie expected to medicijntekort greater

Apothekersorganisatie of the Royal Dutch Society for the advancement of Pharmacy (KNMP) said on Monday in a meeting with the Dutch NOS Radio 1 News, that is, the geneesmiddelentekort in 2019 and likely to increase. As of 2010, the number of shortages has greatly increased.

“We have a lot of pressing problems in the Netherlands, had, to all”, outlines the KNMP chairman of the Exact Small Nulent, inter alia, with reference to the shortage of the birth control pill.

By 2018, there has been a shortage of 769 types of drugs, and the year before, it was a lack of 732 species. All signs point to the president on the issue in 2019 and more.

It is, according to the president, for example, also to use the “diversion” of resources in the field of cardiology”. “In other words, it is a huge problem for us.”

Research into how the problem could be

In accordance with the KNMP the deficiency by, inter alia, the Law geneesmiddelenprijzen and preferentiebeleid by the insurance companies. The prices of the drugs as “decreased,” according to the organization.

Thus, it is seen that for the Dutch market, manufacturers may not be attractive, which supplies deliberately low. In the event of an interruption in production will be faster in a deficit.

The working group geneesmiddelentekorten to do research on how to solve the problem it must be. So, look for the iron stock, for three or four months, with a deficit, so it would have to be made.

According to the Small Nulent to Europe of the production of drugs is also a possible solution. A lot of the manufacturers have been to China, they pulled out, but, according to the president, there is little control of the Chinese market.”

The pharmacists are busy with the problems of deficiencies.

According to a survey carried out among pharmacists, which was published last month, is in excess of two thousand pharmacies, and every week of 17.5 hours of their time to the problems of the geneesmiddelentekorten.

“The impact of the shortcomings in the regular activities of the pharmacy, it is big, so it will be summarized after a survey of pharmacists.

For example, one pharmacist described, the pressure increases, so as to find solutions for the shortages to be “very time consuming”. “It brings up the regular work, will be in danger.”

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