AOC stars in the GOP Congress ad: ‘Bless her heart, she has some terrible ideas”

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Less than three months after taking office, New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Democrat-Cortez, whose favorability numbers dropped in some polls is already front and center in a GOP congressional candidate in the coming campaign advertising.

The 30-second spot from Fox News and currently available on YouTube, offers Michele Nix to replace a candidate for North Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District seat in the race, the late Republican Rep. Walter B. Jones, Jr., died in February.

“Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: she has the media, she has the pendant, but bless her heart, she has said some terrible ideas,” Nothing. “Guarantee of government jobs for some, while killing the small town of jobs for others. Green deal is a bad deal for North Carolina.”

Nix comes to the conclusion: “I’m going to stand up to socialism. The Congress needs a good strong dose of conservative, Mature common sense.”


More than a dozen other Republicans and some Democrats have entered the district race, with a primary on April 30 and outflows of funds tentatively scheduled for 9. July, if necessary. The election will occur either in July or September, depending on whether a primary runoff is necessary.

Nix the ad in the strong Republican trend in providing the district offered a strong signal that the next Congress-campaigns, take your cue from the President Trump the messaging on Ocasio-Cortez, and about socialism in General. Trump has repeatedly vowed in the midst of a humanitarian and political crisis in Venezuela, “America will never be a socialist country,” and his administration has been Ocasio fired-Cortez as a clueless politician, in over your head.

A Gallup poll released Friday shows that Ocasio-Cortez has the unfavorable rating by 15 points since last September, when she had queried still win the General elections, the increase from 26 percent to 41 percent of American adults.

Introduced to the possible causes: The Green New Deal resolution Ocasio-Cortez suffered earlier this year, a botched rollout, including the publication of an official document from your office that promised economic security for those who “work-shy”, as well as the elimination of the “farting cows” and air travel. Prominent Democrats, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and California sen Dianne Feinstein, criticized the plan.

Bernie Sanders calls for democratic socialism, a “vibrant democracy”

And a recently released poll from Siena College shows that Ocasio-Cortez, seen as a New York the “biggest villain” when it comes to Amazon, the decision to spurn the city and to abandon plans for a second headquarters in Long Island City. Ocasio-Cortez suggested that Amazon got billions in cash handouts from the city-though it would get to build tax cuts as an incentive, the Central. New York City’s Democrat mayor, Bill de Blasio, publicly Ocasio-Cortez, a confusion called over the issue.


However, despite the rebound of top Democrats and their own constituents, the 29-year-old freshman Congressman, it has also managed to increase their favorability rating, though only seven points. About 31 percent of the surveyed people with regard to their cheap, compared to 24 percent in September, according to Gallup.

Almost three-quarters of Republican respondents say that they have a negative impact, with only 5 percent have a positive view of it. Among the Democrats, 56 percent of respondents have a positive image of Ocasio-Cortez were Democrats, compared to only 15 percent of respondents who do not support you.

Even some Republicans in Congress have admitted that they admire Ocasio-Cortez, a political acumen-and warn others, too much on her can only enhance your profile.

“Laughter is the trump suit, how the libs, sure, POTUS,” right-wing stopped him-activist Mike Cernovich tweeted at the end of last year. “Laugh AOC, as the cons are doing now, sure you do.”

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