AOC Klopp ICE cream, Sanders Klopp Trump during the Iowa rally

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U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez urged the supporters of the 2020 democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders to start in the night of Sunday drinking “money to the people,” if you see, the Federal immigration authorities in the crackdown against illegal immigrants in their communities.

It was only one was a Democrat of many tips of New York, for an audience in Ames, Iowa, as she continued, stumping for Sanders before the state presidential group meetings on Feb. 3.

In contrast to a Friday evening event in Iowa City, in the Ocasio-Cortez, progressive causes, such as the Green New Deal, government-funded health care and immigration reform promoted-but never mentioned the name of Sanders, who was not present, because the Senate impeachment duties in Washington, the 30-year-old freshman members of Congress on Saturday, the 78-year-old Sanders, who is now present, recalled — to the amount that you are supported.


“We need a real Green New Deal in this country,” she said. “Sanders, Sr., has the largest plan in the field to address the climate crisis. I’m here because we need real immigration justice. And I’m not here to reform some of these systems, when we talk about immigration, I’m here because Sen. Sanders has really committed to breaking up ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and CBP (Customs and Border Protection).”

For Sanders himself, the independent U.S. senator from Vermont, spent much of his speech in Ames, rays President trump-just a week after Trump, Sanders defended after an attack from his Democratic progressive rival, Sen. Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts.

“What can we agree on that in our great country, we should not a President who is a pathological liar,” said Sanders. “Shouldn’t we have a President with a corrupt administration. Should we not have a President who is a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, a xenophobe and a religious zealot.”

“We can have our differences of opinion,” Sanders. “But we don’t need someone like Donald Trump in the White house who is forcing the parents, the TV off when children are in the room – who is a disgrace to all of us in the world.”

The Vermont progressive also referred to Trump as “the most dangerous President in modern American history” and claimed that his policies on climate change are a threat to the entire world.

“Donald Trump is doing a lot of bad things for our country,” he said. “In terms of climate change, it is the rejection of science. We can not government, rejects the science.”

Sanders also echoed Ocasio-Cortez, a focus on the involvement of young voters, and said increasing turnout is the only way to have a lasting effect, to the ballot box on the election.

“If you are in debt tired of a student-if you are sick and tired and scared about climate change-If you are disgusted with racism and sexism… if you believe that health care is a human right, you can’t sit out,” he said.


“You can’t complain. You need to be involved. If young people were to vote in Iowa, and in this national election with the same rate as elderly people-not only do we beat trump, but we are laying the foundations for the transformation of this country.”

As for his political agenda, Sanders, echoed his previous calls for a Green New Deal, Medicare-for-all, and the elimination of student debt.

“We can suggested cancel all student debt in America with a modest tax on Wall Street speculation,” he said.

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