Any Tips for making jam: ‘put six in the pan

Own doughnuts to make a lot of work? Of course not, ” says Andreas Bergström, the author of a book about donuts. He will let you in on its recipe for the classic fritters, and identifies a number of surprising sweet and savory combinations.

You can, of course, on the last day of the year in the back of the queue for the oliebollenkraam to join, and you can also get dumplings to bake. According to Bergström, biersommelier, chef, and author of the book ” Beer and Donuts, this is easier than you might think, and it’s so much nicer to work with.

With a pack of oliebollenmix you have it in place in no time, but you have your own herd to make does not take much more effort. “The advantage of this is that you have to control,” explains Bergström from it. “In a lot of the mixes is sugar in it, and that’s not very useful if you’re – too – savory donuts, like you.”

Recipe for about 25 small fritters

  • 375 grams whole-wheat flour
  • A 330 ml can of beer (full of milk or water can also be)
  • 25 grams of butter
  • 1 egg
  • 1 sachet of yeast
  • With a pinch of salt
  • (Optional) with a little bit of sugar

Make the dough as follows: Sift the flour over a mixing bowl, then add the beer, a beer, or weizenbier, the butter, the eggs, the yeast, the salt, and possibly sugar. Stir gently with a wooden spoon until a smooth batter is up,” explains Bergström from it.

“After that, you put in the batter for at least an hour under a tea towel on the radiator, so that the dough is allowed to ferment and is light and airy it is. One and a half to two hours is even better, and the pastry still be light-hearted and, even better,” said the biersommelier.

The firing comes soon

The bins themselves can have a deep-fryer or a large saucepan with hot sunflower oil. “The optimum baking temperature is between 180 and 190 degrees fahrenheit. In order to test this in a regular pan, you can make a broodkorstje in the oil to do it. If it’s within thirty seconds of the browns, the oil is hot enough.”

“I do not have more than six doughnuts at a time into the frying pan.”

Bergström as a one – size – classic-ijscolepel the oliebollenbeslag the oil is to get it right. “If you go in with the spoon, squeeze, the batter is automatically disconnected. I do not have more than six doughnuts at a time into the pan, otherwise it will drop the temperature of the oil too much.”

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After about two minutes of driving to rotate the dumplings itself to be. “That’s because it’s part of the oliebol is that under the level of lubricating oil, is prepared and will be lighter in color. The top is a heavier weight and, therefore, turn to the oliebol for. After an additional two-to-three minutes and they’re done.”

The flavours in your dumplings

Of donuts, a variety of flavors, add raisins, and the raisins are the best known. However, there are, according to Bergström, countless tasty combinations.

A few examples from his book: pompoenstukjes together with the Chinese vijfkruidenpoeder, smoked bacon strips and grated cheese, sugar, and white chocolate, mint and blueberry, banana, and chocolate sprinkles.

Delicious combinations of beer and donuts

  • Pompoenstukjes Chinese vijfkruidenpoeder – herfstbok
  • Mint and blueberry India Pale Ale (IPA)
  • Banana and chocolate spread – weizenbier
  • Blue claus, and the sausage – imperial stout
  • Goat’s cheese & honey – beer beer beer

As Bergström flavors are going to add it, he will take a smaller bowl and it creates a large spoonful of the oliebollenbeslag in. “It will be six donuts. I’ll add it to this batter taste to it, and while donuts bake, I make the next spoon of batter with the back of the other flavors are ready.”

Taste and add a plain oliebol to cut open and toast together. “For example, in blue-klaas & chorizo, goat’s cheese, honey, smoked salmon and horseradish, or wasabi.”

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