ANWB examines restore batteries e-bikes

ANWB examines restore batteries e-bikes

The ANWB is looking for a way to connect batteries of e-bikes to restore. A new battery buying electronic bikes is expensive and the ANWB hopes that cheaper can.

De Volkskrant writes Monday on the basis of the Cyclists, and the road that an e-bike purchase approximately 1,800 euro cost. Buying a new battery, which after five years would be needed, costs about 500 euro.

The ANWB is now investigating whether it is possible to the already existing batteries to breathe new life into. According to the bond, it helps to have the bike in the winter. “Some people put their bike in the winter in a cold shed and look, there for months to to. That survives a battery is not. He comes in a kind of sleep, where he is not always more awake. The cycle of charging and discharging is of vital importance for a battery.”

For the summer, wants the ANWB to make a list of companies where e-bike owners can go for the repair of their battery. The owner of the e-bike is its manufacturer’s warranty might be lost if his old battery lets renovate, but it is actually much cheaper, it would, according to a spokesman for the ANWB about 250 euros care about.

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