Antwerp is BEAUTIFUL festival on the search for the (sustainable) fashion of tomorrow

Antwerp is one of the European modehoofdsteden, but Antwerp is also the capital of the sustainable fashion? It is a question of where Villanella in collaboration with fashion designer Bruno Pieters, Plan C, 11.11.11, and the FFI itself will bend during the BEAUTIFUL Festival.

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What creative forces push the industry to continue? What can designers of each other, and the technology to learn? Where is the intersection between ethics, sustainability and fashion? What are the trends that are ahead of us? On 29 and 30 October you can use different activities to look, feel, fit, and listen to the future of our (hopefully sustainable) modeindustrie.

Bruno Pieters shall curate the FASHION EXPO. This expo shows silhouettes of designers that are durable and/or circular work. With the work of o.a. Jan-Jan Van Essche, Katrien Van Hecke, Daniel Andresen and Ilke Cop.

TEXUP shows the result of the Textile Upcyclage Lab. This lab is a think – and a breeding ground where fashion designers, costume designers, product developers and artists meet to the residual flow of the clothes and linen of the Radisson Blu Hotel new lease of life through innovative, circular and creative techniques. The selected designers will be coached by Ilke Cop and Lisa Konno. Read more about the Texup story in an interview with bezielsters Amelie Aernaudts and Esther hoedemakers, niko vervaet.

On the MATERIALENBEURS you can find a range of sustainable and innovative materials. This grant fabrics and textiles to designers, but is also accessible to the general public.

In the FASHION LAB you can o.a. 3D-printing and lasercutten with Martijn Van Strien and Bagaar. By experimenting with new techniques and technologies are all revolutionary inventions: different ways of design clothing, produce, or recycling. Both the experiments, test cases and successful applications are discussed in the Lab. Discover F-ABRIC, the latest, the biodegradable project of Freitag and the shoes of ROMBAUT made from ananasleer.

In addition, there are inspiring TALKS. Nice pulls the debate around the North-South divide, the materials of the future and the digitization within the fashion world.

The BEAUTIFUL festival will take place on 29 and 30 October at The Studio in Antwerp. More info

The festival takes place within the Transitiefestival Flanders, 2016. A week-long, take this festival on the opportunities, but also challenges of a post-capitalist circular economy from different perspectives and organizations under the microscope. The transition to a sustainable, equitable and circular society requires cooperation from all angles

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