Antibiotics alternative to surgery, appendicitis in a child

Antibiotics alternative to surgery, appendicitis in a child

Antibiotics in children with non-complicated appendicitis as an alternative treatment method to be able to serve. Often, people with a appendicitis surgery.

Scientists from the University of Southampton have scientific literature of the past decade, again compared with each other.

This comprised 413 cases in which children have a non-operative treatment underwent a appendicitis. In 97 percent of the cases the non-operative treatment have proven effective, is to read in the article from Pediatrics.

From these studies it would appear that there is no notifications are created of complications or side effects related to the non-operative treatment. Have stayed children who had surgery were shorter in the hospital.

The study further substantiate, the things the researchers want the research to expand to the hospital. Parents and children are asked whether they are willing to the research. Here they will any surgery or antibiotic treatment to undergo.

Further research

Investigator Hall, said: “Worldwide, the most spoedoperaties performed in acute appendicitis. An operation of the blindedarmonsteking was long seen as the standard. But it is costly and unpleasant for the children and their families. Our literature review shows that antibiotics are an alternative treatment modality in children.”

According to Hall there is a study suggesting that treatment with an antibiotic also might be effective in adults, but this has yet to be widely investigated.

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