Anti-Trump Harvard Law prof Laurence Tribe incorrectly claims file source killed in Russia plane crash

Laurence Tribe, pictured in 2003, has taught at Harvard Law School since 1968.

(REUTERS/Paul Sakuma)

A liberal Harvard Law School professor falsely claimed on Twitter Monday that a source for the infamous Trump-Russia dossier was killed when a Russian airliner crashed in the weekend.

Laurence Tribe claimed that one of the crash’s 71 victims was a man named Sergei Millian, according to The Daily Caller. Tribe, who taught at Harvard for five decades, claimed Millian “is said to be behind one of the most provocative claims in the dossier about Trump’s involvement with Russia.”

“Probably just a coincidence,” Tribe added sarcastically.

The tweet, which Stem removed, but was retained by the Daily Caller in a screenshot, a link to a Washington Post report last year that claimed that Millian had told dossier author Christopher Steele that the Kremlin is the President’s Trump card.

The Daily Caller reported that online conspiracy theorists had circulated rumors that Millian was on board the doomed flight under the alias “Sergei Panchenko.”

Late Monday morning, the Tribe walked back his claim that Millian was on the flight, tweeting that ” So far, the only sources that confirm that Millian was among the dead that I can’t vouch for.”

THIS CAN BE AN OTHER SERGEI, a recognizable Russian name. So far, the only sources that confirm that Millian was among the dead that I can’t vouch for. So that is perhaps not a coincidence — simply a case of false-positives. Sorry if I rang a false alarm, @RepSwalwell.

— Laurence Tribe (@tribelaw) February 12, 2018

“Sorry if I called a false alarm,” Tribe added.

The professor, who was part of Al Gore’s legal team during the Florida tell drama following the 2000 presidential election, has repeatedly hammered Trump and the Republicans on social media and in traditional media.

Yes, he is.

— Laurence Tribe (@tribelaw) February 12, 2018

On Monday, The New York Times published an op-ed co-written by the Tribe with the argument that the House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., was involved in the obstruction of justice by releasing a memo alleging federal violations in the implementation of the supervision of the former Trump foreign policy advisor to Carter Page.

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