Anti-smoking policy has a positive effect on the health of children than previously thought

Anti-smoking policy has a positive effect on the health of children than previously thought

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A strict anti-smoking policy would, according to researchers a greater effect than was previously thought. The number of children with severe respiratory infections in the hospital fell by nearly 20 percent.

That would appear from a study Wednesday in The Lancet is published. Also the number of preterm infants would be banished from the cigarette in the catering industry and work with nearly four per cent. In addition, decreases the number of children with severe asthma attacks by 10 percent, write the scientists.

During the research of the Erasmus MC and the university of Edingburgh were 41 studies from North America, Europe and China are analysed. Also, use was made of previously written articles and quotes about the smoking policy of the world health organization (WHO), and the effect thereof on children.

In total, 57 million births and 2.7 million hospital admissions were analyzed. This was particularly with regard to the health of children improved after the government measures had been introduced as non-smoking places and trigger. The researchers kept the account with other factors that the health of a child can influence, such as the age of the mother and the origin.

Respiratory tract infections

Children after the birth with an older second-hand smoke have the greatest risk of a serious respiratory infection. But also, if the child during pregnancy smoke via the mother or her partner to ingest the unborn baby damage to the respiratory system increase, the researchers say. “Our study shows that the rookvrijbeleid worldwide effect, and that is a good approach, much suffering saves”, says Jasper Leg, researcher and pediatrician of the Erasmus MC.

“Also in the Netherlands every year around 8,000 children included in serious respiratory infections such as pneumonia or bronchitis. Although the Dutch legislation is less strict than in many other countries, so also here a lot of health gains possible. It is important that measures whose effect is proven to be accelerated to be introduced, such as non-smoking environments and the increase of the excise duties on tobacco.”

“The influence of other measures on health, such as reducing the price differences between cigarette brands, is currently the subject of further research.”

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