Answers to the ondergoedvragen that you didn’t dare set

We lift every day, clean underwear on our ankles, and yet there is so much that we still don’t know about that cotton, lace or satin fabric. May your panties, for example, multiple days after each other wear? And is command really so much better?

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Is it really bad for a few days with the same underwear to walk around?

True, we Sims, our hygiene-o-meter would have long red colored, but if purely for health reasons look you can see no hesitation in the carrying through of undergarments. “As long as the underpants ‘at the first sight clean,” and therefore not marked with urine or bowel movements, you can get him quite a few days of each other persist,” says doctor J. Scott Kasteler on Greatist.

He stressed, however, that people who have cuts, sores or rashes ‘down there’ have benefit from the replacement of their underwear, because otherwise infection can rise. Those who sweat a lot (for example, through sport or on hot days) can also be used but best is a clean pair from the drawer, as abrasions and fungus a allitererend duo is that you don’t like between your thighs welcomes.

Makes the material of your underwear?

Our apologies to those who have their lederhosen had already displayed but the fabric from which your pants are made is actually really important if you itch or infections to avoid. Gezondheidsexperten advise not to tight fitting cotton underwear* that “airtight and moisture”. You did read that correctly. Or we our sides and satin underpants in the trash should do? Not in the least, but go for instances that have a cotton lining on cruising altitude.

* Note: (Winter)athletes can to aerodynamic and thermal reasons, however, benefit from synthetic materials. Valentijnsbinnenkopper: yes you do to “sport” and yes it is winter.

What “command”?

Men all like to have a command because they can enjoy their freedom, in fact, it is even recommended, but women can virtue have a broekloze day or (if you want) night. “Women love most of all their private parts covered because they are worried about their vaginal discharge,” says Alyssa Dweck, author of “V is for Vagina’ to Refinery29. “But because your vagina is a dark, moist environment, it is actually better to not always exit with clothing, because in that way get fungi-free game.”

Sports in a string: to do or not to do?

You rather than us, but even when you pain know to verbijten is not particularly hygienic. The thing dares during exercise though ever shifting, and apart from the fact that you might be the appearance of longer legs to the left is not friendly and not that the piece that first contact made with your anus suddenly flirt with your plasgaatje.

In addition, your genitals in a string more in touch with sweaty sportleggings (maybe not after every work-out to be washed?) causing bacteria even more room to play with. A no-go for us.


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