Another 35 wounded in the hospitals, after a car rammed a German carnival parade in belgium

The incident occurred in the German city of Volkmarsen, where a driver in a car on Monday rammed a carnival parade in belgium, a total of 52 people were injured. The police reported on Tuesday that there are still 35 people in the hospital, out of whom, some of them in critical condition, while seventeen others with minor injuries have been sent. Among the victims, there are eighteen children.

The reason why the 29-year-old man who is still unknown, but police suspect that he is an evil design at party people, it is broken in. It was right after the incident and was arrested, but he had his own injuries to be dealt with before he could be questioned.

It is not clear whether that has happened. According to the German media BILD, the alleged offender, with a serious head injury in the hospital.

Eye-witnesses told the German media that the silver-gray Mercedes, road closures, had been detected, and at least 30 feet through the crowd to go ahead. When the car to a standstill, the driver still tried to get the gas to give it, though it could be that the police will not confirm this.

55VideoRechercheurs to examine the car, which rammed a German carnavalsparade

Rosenmontag in Germany is celebrated on a grand scale

On Monday it was in Germany, and in parts of the country Rosenmontag (fat Sunday, rose Monday) will be held. The following Monday counts as the high point of the carnavalsweekend, in Germany, and attracts hundreds of thousands of people to a range of the organized carnival parades in the country. In the federal state of Hesse, all of the other processions, at the expense of the police, as a precaution, to shut down.

This was less than a week ago, was shocked by an incident of excessive force. In the Un, were on Thursday, nine people with a migration background have been shot. The 43-year-old perpetrator shot his mother to death and was then put an end to his own life.

Driving a car on the German carnavalsparade in

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The 29-year-old man Monday afternoon in the city of Volkmarsen is a car on a carnavalsparade rammed it, made it, according to the police, deliberately.
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More than thirty people, among them children, were killed or wounded, and a number of them for him. The driver was arrested.
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