Annual CT scan can 1.400 deaths of lung cancer per year, prevent’

Annual CT scan can 1.400 deaths of lung cancer per year, prevent’

By some hundreds of thousands of people with an increased risk of lung cancer annual screening with a CT scan, the number of deaths from lung cancer, with 1,400 to be reduced.

That is the conclusion of researchers of the Erasmus MC on the basis of a comparable study in Canada.

Researchers from the department of community Health have on behalf of healthcare institutions and the ministry of Ontario, Canada, viewed, or an annual screening may be cost-effective. In Ontario it appeared that the case, and the Canadian city has a quarter fewer inhabitants than the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands there are 800,000 persons who have an increased risk of the disease, says Harry de Koning, professor of Screening and Evaluation. It comes to persons who, during forty years, on average, a pack per day smoked, the last decade has stopped, or continues to smoke and between the ages of 55 and 75 years old.


“A simple translation of the results to the Dutch situation we are talking about, at least to 1,400 preventable deaths per year in the long term,” said The King.

“Annual screening does not only provide more health gains than biennial screening, but is also more cost-effective. This has to do with the aggressive course of lung cancer and the short time frame in which intervention is possible. Annual screening costs 30,000 euros per gained life year. This goes against the expectations of most policy makers.”

The results of research in the Netherlands will soon follow, but the results from Canada are according to The King’s reason enough to take further action. “The screening would be potentially more effective than the current ongoing population research on breast and cervical cancer together.”

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